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Congrats to all the talented ladies!

CatJAM, Bang Gang Take The Womens Car Ball Championship Season 3

Rocket League
Rocket League Womans Carball Championship Season 3 March 2021
This season is full of cool stuff (Credit: Psyonix)

The month of March is all about celebrating women and that’s exactly what Rocket League has been doing. A special event honoring the talented girls in the carball game’s team and community concluded in an epic all-girl tournament split into two brackets - one for Europe and one for North America. Here are the results!

Rocket League has teamed up with Beyond the Summit to organize a special, officially sponsored women’s community event dubbed Rocket League Goals For Change.

The event went beyond the normal Soccar mode and included fun casual games, interviews with the competing teams, and Psyonix devs such as Lindsay, the creator of this month’s special Moonpaw Wheels (pictured above).

The Womans Car Ball Championship Season 3 March 2021
The Womans Car Ball Championship logo is so cool! (Credit: Psyonix)

There was also money to be made! $3,000 for the winners, $1,500 for the runners-up, and $500 for the third spot. Here are the statistics!

European Finals:

  1. catJAM

  2. Sakura Blues

  3. TriFruit

CatJAM’s dominant performance last week made sure their top spot is well secured, towering over the others with almost a flawless run throughout the entire bracket.

North American Finals:

  1. Bang Gang

  2. Kansas City Pioneers (Women)

  3. Flashes of Brilliance

A definite highlight of the night was the winner's final between BG and KC Pioneers, which the casters promptly hyped in advance.

Rocket League esports is stronger than ever and the RLCS X Spring Split has already begun. Stay tuned to EarlyGame for more carball coverage!

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