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Um... that's an odd question!

Will Rocket League Come to Mobile?

Rocket League
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Isn't Rocket League already on Mobile? | © Psyonix

Will Rocket League come to Mobile platforms? Let's take a look at Rocket League Mobile, whether it exists, where it exists, and whether you should check it out.

Rocket League is an interesting specimen. Especially during a time, where multi-billion dollar companies enjoy suing other multi-billion dollar companies simply so that they can keep more of that hard-work cash they've been scamming out of us for years. Seriously, $20 for a decal? You have to be feckin' kidding me! Anyway, Rocket League's Mobile journey has been rough. Let's answer a few questions, starting with whether Rocket League will come to Mobile...

Rocket League Mobile has, admittedly, been in the wars of late. Before we take a look at whether Rocket League will come to Mobile, here are a few articles to catch you up on the latest Rocket League news...

Will Rocket League Come to Mobile?

Yes, Rocket League is already on Mobile in the form of Rocket League: Sideswipe, a 2D version of the classic soccer game. The game released to relatively little fan-fair, but it is a decent amount of fun. It's a 1v1 version of Rocket League, with two players battling it out to get their respective balls in the opponent's goal. The rules are pretty much the same, but everything has been condensed onto a 2D playing field.

It's actually quite curious that Rocket League Sideswipe even released on Apple and Android phones, considering the ongoing lawsuit between Epic Games, Apple, and Google. The lawsuit resulted in the removal of Fortnite from the Apple Store, and later the Google Play Store. It was a pretty drastic move, and has seen many question as to whether Rocket League will ever come to Mobile.

Well, those same players had their prayers answered earlier this year, when Rocket League Sideswipe was announced and a beta was released. Honestly, it has been a pretty quiet release and people are not really talking about it all that much, but the game's supposed to be pretty solid. Check it out if you want, but try not to expect too much. After all, a Rocket League on Mobile sounds kind of redundant if you ask us!

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