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Stand aside, Football. It's Rocket League time!

5 Reasons Why Rocket League is Better Than Football

Rocket League
rocket league is better than football
Come on, you have to agree... Rocket League is better than football! (Credit: Psyonix)

Look: Rocket League is better than Football. The only reason that this isn't wide knowledge is that Rocket League has been around for only seven years, compared to hundreds of years of Football (or soccer, for our American friends) history. Are you feeling a little bit offended? Well, don't be: you shouldn't be offended by the truth. Here are five reasons why Rocket League is better than Football.

Before you get triggered: no I am not saying the Football is bad. It's fine. It's old. You have to get up and run around to play it though, and let's be real: I'm lazy. I don't want to kick a ball around with my foot. Kicking a ball around with a rocket-powered car? Hell yes! Let's dive into why Rocket League is better than Football...

Before we do, though, let's catch you up on the latest Rocket League news!

Rocket League is Better than Football Reason 1: No Need for Exercise

Who likes exercise? Well, I certainly don't. It's much more to just sit on my arse and play Rocket League – there's no need to expend energy! You can get yourself nice and chubby, sitting on your couch or gaming chair, eating chips, drinking something sugary, and getting your mind into its Rocket League mode. It's fun, it's strategic, and it's lazy. What's not to like? The lack of exercise necessary to play certainly makes Rocket League better than Football.

Rocket League is Better than Football Reason 2: Cars are Cool

We may as well shut up right away. Cars are cool, what more needs to be said. Rocket League has cars, so Rocket League is clearly better than Football. Seriously, what sounds more fun: puffing your way around a hot, sweaty football field, or driving an awesome-ass car around a football field? The latter, obviously. There's really nothing else to it.

Rocket League is Better than Football Reason 3: More Variety

Rocket League has far more variety than football. There are tons of vehicles, tons of cosmetics, there are boosts, boost pads, you can fly through the air, you can drive up the walls. Have I made my point? Rocket League is better than football because it offers so much more in terms of strategic variety, as well as more tangible things like decals and toppers. Seriously! Football needs more variety, it's just so bloody boring. The same thing again, and again, and again. Yay. Fun.

Rocket League is Better than Football Reason 4: Games are much Shorter

A Rocket League game is a little over five minutes with the replays. A football game? More than 90! What the hell, this is far too long!? Who has time to watch a game for that long? Well... lots of people, football is kind of beloved. Anyway, Rocket League is still better than football because it is just so damn short, and you can jump in for a quick round, or watch a tournament without having to sink hours upon hours in. It's just so convenient!

Rocket League is Better than Football Reason 5: It Just Is

Seriously, guys. If you have made it this far, is there anything else to say? Rocket League is intrinsically better than football. It's just a fact, in the same way that the sun will rise in the morning, Rocket League will be better than football. It's great, it's strategic, it's relaxing, it has cars, it's more variable, and it just is. Rocket League is better than Football – deal with it.

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