Which Rocket League Car Has The Biggest Hitbox?

Which Rocket League Car Has The Biggest Hitbox?

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Welche Rocket League Hitbox ist die größte? Mit anderen Worten, welches Battle Car hat die größte Hitbox und welchen Effekt hat das?
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Let's take a look at the biggest car hitbox in Rocket League. | © Psyonix

Picture this: you're sitting in your car and you're drivin' around town. Perhaps you're heading to the cinema to watch No Time to Die, before planning on headin' back to the safety of your couch to watch the Agents Vs. Villains Rocket League event. What's the most important thing about the trip I just described? Well, comfort of course. Comfort is the key to a good life (depending on who you talk to). Thus, a big-ass car would very nice in this situation. This, my friend, is the subject of the article you are (for some reason) currently reading: the biggest Rocket League car Hitbox!

Let's go back to the concept of comfort, though. Comfort might not be the key to a good life. I mean, let's be real, you've got to stay busy to stay sane, but that traditional view of comfort is far too restrictive. Do you want to be comfortable in your Rocket League skin? Do you want your Battle Car to feel like an extension of your arm, like it's part of your personality? Well, hopefully you'll say no to the latter (that's a little bit weird), but if you want to be good at Rocket League then you're going to have to know the answer to this question: which Rocket League Car has the biggest hitbox?

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Which Rocket League Car Has the Biggest Hitbox?

All Rocket League Battle Cars have a similarly sized hitbox, with the Octane being the tallest and the Dominus having the largest overall surface area. To be honest, it doesn't really matter whether your vehicle is bigger than all of the other Rocket League cars, and more whether said vehicle has a hitbox that fits your play-style.

For example, the Octane is by far the most popular hitbox in Rocket League, possibly because it is the tallest and second-widest, making it especially easy to hit the ball with. Meanwhile, the Plank is the widest, with only the Dominus beating its length. Thus, both of the latter hitboxes are perfect if you want to play defensive, giving you further reach for goal saves and blocks.

Ultimately, though, it's all about the way you play the game. There's no real point in worrying about which hitbox you're playing if you haven't mastered the skills necessary to being successful. Let's be real, there's a lot to learn in Rocket League, and hundreds of tips and tricks that you need to be taught before you could even hope to reach Diamond – far more than just "which Rocket League car has the biggest hitbox". So stick to EarlyGame for that journey, because we're here to take you there.

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