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What on earth is the Suite 6 RLCS Drop in Rocket League? Bizarre!

What is the Suite 6 Drop in Rocket League?

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What is this mysterious Suite 6 drop in Rocket League? (Credit: Psyonix)

Many players are confused after receiving a "Suite 6 Drop" as an RLCS in Rocket League! What on earth is this RLCS? It seems exciting, but could it actually be something kind-of lame? What is the Suite 6 Drop in Rocket League? Is it a legitimate RLCS?

Well, the first thing to note is: what the bloody hell are RLCS rewards? If you're reading this, then my next sentence will be rather useless, but what the heck: RLCS fan rewards are rewards that you can earn by watching Twitch Live streams. There are tons of rewards, cosmetics, and cool s**t that you can get this way, and if you haven't already, you should definitely check them out!

But... what on Earth is this?

Hey i get and suite 6 drop on twitch, someone can tell me what is this? from RocketLeague

What is the Suite 6 Drop in Rocket League?

Suite 6 is a batch of old RLCS drops, originally from Season 6. It is nothing weird, nothing bizarre, nothing new, and nothing exciting. Pretty boring, to be honest, and probably a glitch in Rocket League. 

Here's a sweet li'l answer to the Reddit question posed above:

What happens is that fans are receiving the above message when they are expecting to receive an item? When they check their inventory later, they will see a different RLCS item drop, for example, a stratum badge, or carbons, instead of something more exciting. Dylbobz explained it excellently in his YouTube video, check it out! 

The Suite 6 Drop in Rocket League seems to be a common bug, as it is the name of a particular RLCS collection from prior Seasons. Don't get too excited when you receive the message, because as we mentioned, you are just getting an RLCS drop, nothing any more special than that.

Feeling disappointed? Well, that's not so surprising, to be honest. You better get used to it, though, RLCS drops are pretty f**king great, but can also be disappointing sometimes. Maybe Psyonix will fix this problem, maybe not, it doesn't really matter. To be honest, we really just want to go and play more Rocket League, so enjoy what you get!

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