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What is rank disparity in Rocket League, and what has changed? | © Psyonix

Psyonix has introduced changes to Rank Disparity in Rocket League's 3v3 Tournaments mode. Season 4 not only added a new Rocket Pass, a new arena, and some new items, but a Rocket League Rank Disparity system that works differently to previous seasons. What is Rank Disparity in Rocket League?

Holy-moly, this is getting nuts! Rocket League Season 4 has changed a bunch of stuff, and let's be real, if we only took into account the new content, this is a lot better than the cluster-bomb that was Season 3. The thing is, though, Season 4 is so unbelievable that it not only adds new content, but a bunch of fantastic changes to Rocket League. Thus, we are here to discuss one of those big changes. What is Rank Disparity in Rocket League, and how has Rank Disparity changed in Season 4?

Changes to Rank Disparity in Rocket League is not the only thing to happen in Rocket League Season 4. We also got a ton of other stuff! You should probably catch up, so here's everything else you need to know...

What is Rank Disparity in Rocket League?

Rank Disparity is a system in Rocket League's competitive mode that sets specific criteria for those who can enter a Competitive Mode Tournament, based on Player Ranks. It is a system meant to balance Competitive Play, so that when parties compete against each other, the games are as fair and balanced as possible. With the introduction of 2v2 Tournaments in Rocket League Season 4, major changes have now come to Rank Disparity in Rocket League, and we're here to explain how it works.

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How is Rocket League Rank Disparity Changing in Season 4?

In Rocket League Season 4, Rank Disparity restrictions have been introduced to stacks of two players attempting to enter a 3v3 Tournament queue. In 3v3 Tournaments, "Undersized Parties" of two players must be within three ranks of one-another, and must be able to play together. These changes have been introduced "to help preserve balanced competitive play". The changes came into effect in Rocket League Season 4, and coincide with the introduction of 2v2 Tournaments. Additionally, the Rocket League Rank Disparity changes will not apply to Extra Modes Playlists or Casual Playlists.

Here are a few examples, provided in the Rocket League Season 4 Patch Notes, to help you understand the changes to Rank Disparity in Rocket League:

  • Examples of allowed undersized parties:
    • Gold 3 + Platinum 3 (three ranks apart)
    • Diamond 2 + Champion 1 (two ranks apart)
  • Examples of disallowed undersized parties:
    • Gold 3 + Diamond 1 (four ranks apart)
    • Silver 2 + Grand Champion 2 (fifteen ranks apart)

So, there you have it. You now not-only know what Rank Disparity is in Rocket League, but how it has changed in Season 4. Isn't that just neat? Isn't that just insanely exciting? Isn't that just-enough to get you hyped? Are you hyped enough to jump into Rocket League Competitive Play? Yeah? Okay. Jump in, and after that... eat a pizza.

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