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What is Rocket League Gamers Without Borders?

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What is Rocket League Gamers Without Borders? Let's get humanitarian! | © Psyonix & Gamers Without Borders

There has been a lot of chatter in the Rocket League community over these last few days about something called Rocket League Gamers Without Borders. What is Rocket League Gamers Without Borders, what does it do, and what is the Tournament Format? Let's take a look at Rocket League Gamers Without Borders...

Rocket League Gamers Without Borders has been the talk of the town over the last few days, but what is it? If everybody's carrying on, if everybody's curious, then what on earth could this be all about? The first question: isn't it supposed to be "Doctors Without Borders" or "Reporters Without Borders"? What's the affiliation? What is Rocket League Gamers Without Borders, and should we be getting involved?

If you want to get involved in the Rocket League community, and help save a little girl's life, here's everything you need to know.

What is Rocket League Gamers Without Borders?

Rocket League Gamers Without Borders is a Rocket League tournament hosted by the organization of the same name. Gamers Without Borders is a Saudi Arabian and GWB Learn organization that hosts international gaming content, including Tournaments, Seminars, and also provides humanitarian donations to various causes. 

In 2020, Gamers Without Borders made history when it became the world’s biggest charity eSports and gaming festival by donating $10 million to the fight against COVID-19. The initiative united gamers behind one cause and raised awareness on the importance of staying safe during the pandemic...

Through Gamers Without Borders, players can compete on an international scale, with significant prize pools. In addition, the Saudi-led Gamers Without Borders organization is working to provide significant humanitarian aid in the form of $10 million in donations, to help get Covid-19 vaccines to vulnerable nations. Thus, by participating in one of Games Without Borders' programs, players are not just having fun, and are not just competing – but are doing something real good whilst doing it. Thus: Rocket League Gamers Without Borders is fantastic!

How Does Rocket League Gamers Without Borders Tournament Work?

Rocket League's Gamers Without Borders Tournament is a 3v3 European Online affair, with a $500,000 USD prize pool. Eight teams competed for the prize, with each different team picking up a piece of the pie (even if they came last!). What was the catch? The teams did not "get" the cash, but instead, were able to choose which charity the money would go to. In other words: elite Rocket League teams competed to distribute $500,000 USD to internationally significant humanitarian causes... Wow!

Who Won Rocket League Gamers Without Borders?




Charity Organization


Top Blokes

$200,000 USDUNICEF

Team Singularity

$100,000 USDUNICEF

SK Gaming

$50,000 USD

International Medical Corps

4thPayback$50,000 USDUNICEF


Sandrock Gaming$25,000 USDTBD
6thMonkeys$25,000 USDUNICEF
7thTeam Queso$25,000 USDUNICEF
8thEndpoint CeX$25,000 USDGavi

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