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Let's take a look at Rocket League Boomer Ball!

How to Replicated Rocket League Boomer Ball, & What is it?

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What is Rocket League Boomer Ball? How does it work? | © Psyonix

It's time to take a look at Rocket League Boomer Ball, a fantastic Rocket League mode. It's one of the most intense ways to play Rocket League, with Rocket League Boomer Ball being a fan-favorite since its introduction in May 2020. What is Rocket League Boomer Ball, and what are the best Boomer Mode Settings to replicate this LTM?

Who doesn't like Boomer Ball? That high-intensity game, full of speed and maximized power. That bouncy game, full of fun. Rocket League Boomer Ball was introduced in May of 2020 as part of the Modes of May Event. It's hugely popular, and a mainstay in the Rocket League community. The original mode was only an LTM, but the thing is, it's so popular that players love to try and replicate the mode in Private Matches. Thus, we answer two questions in this article: what is Rocket League Boomer Ball, and how do you replicate Boomer Ball with Rocket League Settings?

Rocket League Boomer Ball is not the only game mode to check out in the game. Here are some Limited Time Modes that have been available over the last few weeks...

What is Rocket League Boomer Ball?

Rocket League Boomer Ball is a LTM that mutates the game's settings to massively increase the ball's bounciness and speed, and give players infinite and more powerful boost. It's a mode that creates an insanely fast and higher-octane Rocket League experience, with players flying all over the place, the ball moving super fast and super bouncy. It's a whole lot of fun, and fans absolutely love it! The problem? Well, it was an LTM back in May of 2020, and players want to keep playing it. Luckily, there is a way...

What Settings Are the Best to Replicate Rocket League Boomer Ball?

  • Ball Speed: Super Fast
  • Ball Physics: Super light
  • Ball Bounce: Super High
  • Boost Amount: Unlimited
  • Boost Strength: 1.5x
  • Preset Settings: Custom
  • Match Length: Whatever you want
  • Maximum Score: Whatever you want
  • Overtime: Whatever you want
  • Game Speed: Default
  • Series Length: Whatever you want
  • Ball Type: Default
  • Gravity: Default
  • Rumble: None
  • Respawn Time: Whatever you want
  • Demolish: Default

We put Ball speed, physics and bounce, and Boost amount and strength at the top of this list for a very simple reason. They are the most important settings to replicate Rocket League Boomer Ball, because as explained above, Boomer Ball is all about that intense bounce of the ball, and your infinite 1.5x boost. We also left a number of these categories as "Whatever you want" on purpose, as we believe that these particular settings should be made at the discretion of the player, depending on their playstyle and intensions. Obviously in the LTM, these categories are already set for you.

So, there you have it! Rocket League Boomer Ball is a pretty fantastic LTM, and in custom matches you can even replicate it using the settings above! It seems pretty fantastic, right? Correct! Actually, I hate it when people say "Correct". Such pretention and ponce. I agree. Yeah, that's better. Anyway. I am blabbering. Eat a pizza.

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