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It's Rocket League Beach Ball time!

What is Beach Ball 2v2 in Rocket League?

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What is the Rocket League Beach Ball mode in the Summer Roadtrip Event? | © Psyonix

Psyonix is re-introducing the popular Limited Time Rocket League Beach Ball mode in celebration of the ongoing Summer Roadtrip event. What is Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2? Why is it so fun? Why should you check out the latest edition of Rocket League Beach Ball LTM?

Are you enjoying summer? I certainly am! Sure – it might be raining right now, but summer sure is a solid time of year. It'll be warm, it'll be sunny, it'll be a whole lot of fun! The thing is, despite it being summer, some days are just like today – a little rainy, and a little miserable. What's the perfect thing for a rainy day in summer? The newly re-introduced Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 Limited Time Mode! Here are the details!

You know – the Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 mode isn't the only thing that came with the Summer Roadtrip event – a bunch of other cool stuff also dropped, here's everything we've covered thus-far!

What is the Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 Mode?

Rocket League Beach Ball is a 2v2 volleyball-style Rocket League LTM, played on Salty Shores. The mode features lowered gravity settings, so that the ball drifts more slowly and lightly than in standard Rocket League. In addition, it features a literal Volleyball instead of the usual Rocket League ball. Pretty, right?

Indeed! It is a pretty enjoyable game mode, and certainly a nice little break from standard Rocket League, when it is available. It is a wonderful beach-summer-themed version of Rocket League, refreshing and entertaining. The perfect way to spend summer when you can't get your ass outside! A nice alternative to actually going to the beach and playing Volleyball (no sand!).

Check out some Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 LTM gameplay!

When is the Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 LTM Available?

The Rocket League Beach Ball 2v2 LTM will be available from July 8 to July 14, 2021. Additionally, players will have access to the Knight Rider Bundle during this period, showing off a sick-ass Knight Rider K.I.T.T. vehicle, and a bunch of other goodies. Get in quick with all this – you don't want to miss your opportunity to play Rocket League Beach Ball, that's for sure!

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