Dazerin Launches New "Wave Dash" Rocket League Tournament: All Details

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Dazerin is launching a brand new Rocket League Tournament, dubbed "Wave Dash"! | © Dazerin

Demar "Dazerin" Williams is launching a brand-new North American Rocket League Tournament, sponsored by Psyonix. The event, dubbed "Wave Dash", is a Rocket League Content Creator's Tournament with a pretty hefty prize-pool. Let's take a look at the details of Dazerin's Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament, what is the Wave Dash Schedule, Prize Pool, and format.

Dazerin is a Rocket League Esports player, and a content creator involved not only in the FirstTouch Podcast, but in RLCS and CRL. He's also an Epic Partner with his very own Creator Code. You can find all those details on his Twitter account, if you want to check him out. Dazerin seeks to fill the void left by the currently-postponed RLCS 11 with his very own Tournament, and we have to be honest with you, it looks like it's going to be one hell of an event. Here's everything we know about Dazerin's Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament...

RLCS X is over, but Dazerin is bringing Rocket League Esports back with Wave Dash, a new tournament for Rocket League content creators. Other than this, what other Rocket League Esports is there to sink your teeth into?

What is the Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament Format?

Dazerin's Rocket League "Wave Dash" Tournament will feature an open qualifier, followed by a closed qualifier that will determine the eight teams who will advance to the main event. The main event itself will feature three different stages, with the last one being a major Playoff between the final four best teams. In total, out of 128 registered teams, only a single team will come out victorious. Unfortunately for all of us who are not North American, the event is only available to players who are residents of Canada or the United States of America. Here's a detailed breakdown of how the event will play out, taken from the Tournament's website.

Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament: Open Qualifier

  • Open registration
  • 128 team cap
  • Double Elimination bracket
  • 8 teams advance to the Closed Qualifier

Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament: Closed Qualifier

  • 8 Teams from the Open Qualifier play 8 invited teams
  • Double Elimination bracket
  • 8 Teams advance to the Main Event

Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament: Main Event

Stage 1: Swiss

  • 16 Teams (8 Invited, 8 Qualified) play in a modified Swiss format
  • Teams must reach 3 match wins to advance
  • Teams receiving 3 losses are eliminated
  • The 2 teams to reach a 3 win / 0 loss record will draft groups from the remaining teams, advancing to Stage 2
  • All Matches are Best of 5 games

Stage 2: Knockout Gauntlet

  • 2 Groups of 4 teams (8 total) will play a modified Page-Playoff
    • This is the same format as the RLCS X: Spring Knockout Gauntlet
  • Seeds 1&2 in each group must win 1 match to advance, and upon first loss will play the winner of Seeds 3&4 for advancement to Stage 3.
    • Two losses will eliminate the 1/2 seed.
  • The winner of the Seeds 3&4 match will play the loser of Seeds 1&2 match for advancement to Stage 3.
    • Any loss will eliminate Seeds 3/4.
  • All Matches are Best of 7 games

Stage 3: Playoffs

  • The 4 teams advanced from Stage 2 will play in a Double Elimination bracket.
  • All Matches are Best of 7 games

When is the Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament?

The Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament will be split between the open qualifier, closed qualifier, and main event, running from September 7 to September 12. Below, you will see the full Wave Dash Tournament Schedule, but please keep in mind that registration has already opened and that you only have a few more days to sign up if you haven't already. There's also a cap of 128 Teams, so you better get in quick!

Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament Schedule

  • August 30: Registration opens for the Open Qualifier
  • September 7: Registration Closes for the Open Qualifier
  • September 8: Open Qualifier
  • September 9: Closed Qualifier
  • September 10: Main Event - Stage 1
  • September 11: Main Event - Stage 2
  • September 12: Main Event - Stage 3

How Much is the Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament Prize Pool?

Wave Dash has a $20,000 USD Prize Pool. It is a North-American event, so sorry people not living in NA, that prize pool is only available to them, and you ain't going to compete unless you're from the USA or Canada. It might be a shame, but who wants their filthy money anyway? They have $1 notes over there, and their money is freakin' paper, so it's not that much of a loss. I don't want that crap in my wallet. Totally. Yeah... totally not joking or anything...

How to Register for the Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament

To register for Dazerin's Wave Dash Rocket League Tournament, each player in your three-player-team must fill out the online form. To go over the criteria one last time: to successfully register for the Wave Dash Tournament, you will need a team of three players. The first player who registers needs to create a team and send invitations to his or her teammates. The other two players must register individually and accept the invitation. Keep in mind that the Open Qualifier caps at 128 teams, and that registration has been open since August 30. Thus, you better get in quick to get yourself registered. Seriously, stop eating that pizza, and go register... if you're a Yank, that is.

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