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Wait, ViolentPanda is leaving Dignitas?

Rocket League: RLCS World Champion ViolentPanda Leaves Dignitas

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Is ViolentPanda leaving Dignitas? It seems so... | © Dignitas & ViolentPanda

Veteran Rocket League Pro and former world champion, Jos "ViolentPanda" van Meurs, has departed Team Dignitas. The move ends a three-year partnership between Dignitas and ViolentPanda, with both parties expressing gratitude towards the time worked together. Why has ViolentPanda left Dignitas?

Yes, your read that: ViolentPanda is leaving Dignitas, and he ain't coming back. The former Rocket League World Champion expressed sadness at his parting ways with the Rocket League team he's been with for the last three years, but also announced that "exciting stuff" is on the way.

RLCS X might be over, but that doesn't mean that the Rocket League Esports drama is over. ViolentPanda is leaving Dignitas, and a bunch more is happening, so catch yourself up on  RLCS news...

Is ViolentPanda Leaving Dignitas?

ViolentPanda has announced his departure from Team Dignitas, with whom he has shared the past three years with, effective July 17. Yes, that means that ViolentPanda no longer – as of writing – plays for Dignitas. The Rocket League World Champion may be moving on to greener pastures, but that doesn't mean he is jumping out of joy – and Dignitas is certainly going to miss him!

The end of an era. Today we say thank you and farewell to @ViolentPandaRL as he takes the next steps in his legendary journey. — @Dignitas via Twitter

ViolentPanda joined Dignitas in 2018, and at the time of his departure, was the last member of the Gale Force acquisition. He was a top-quality acquisition, and after three years with Dignitas, his loss will certainly be felt. Dignitas is down a key player in the wake of RLCS X, and only months before RLCS 11 kicks off.

ViolentPanda is a two-times Rocket League World Champion winner, the only player to have claimed this prestigious title. Technically, this places him at third-best in the world, with only Kaydrop and Turbo outranking him in terms of number of World Championships won.

We're not sure how Dignitas's roster will change, and who will replace ViolentPanda, but they will have to work quickly to find a suitable replacement. RLCS 11 is only a little over a month away, and they are going to need to get in quick to secure a candidate, and get the team ready. ViolentPanda has left Dignitas, and the team will never be the same again.

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