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Well done, True Neutral, that was one solid Rocket League play...

True Neutral Become South American RLCS X Spring Major Champions

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Wow! True Neutral really owned the field during the RLCS X South American Spring Split Majors! (Credit: Psyonix)

True Neutral have taken home the South American RLCS X Spring Split Major, catapulting them to the Rocket League Champions Series X Championship. The RLCS X Championship begins in June, and since True Neutral has won this South American RLCS X Major, we'll be seeing them compete pretty soon!

The final was won against RebelGG, with True Neutral taking the Grand Final home 2-4. It was an insanely impressive win, and True Neutral's incredible skill should be appreciated. That's not to say that RebelGG didn't do well, they remained undefeated until True Neutral handed them their asses in a Rocket League themed bucket!

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True Neutral is now one of, if not the best Rocket League team in South America. With the RLCS X Championships staying as a regional competition this year – due to Covid-19 – it may be awhile until we see how True Neutral stack up against their North American and European counterparts, but from some of these plays, we're sure that they'll be hard to beat!

Who Won the RLCS X South American Spring Split Major?

True Neutral won the RLCS X South American Spring Split Major 2-4 against RebelGG. The play was unbelievably impressive, beating RebelGG, who had remained undefeated until the finals against True Neutral. Does that sound nuts? We thought it was! You should check out some of their plays above! This win will catapult them to the RLCS X Championships in June.

When Will True Neutral Compete in the RLCS X Championships?

True Neutral will compete in the RLCS X at some point during the week running June 15 to June 20, 2021. The Championships, as usual, will be streamed on Twitch, where you will be able to see True Neutral compete in Rocket League, along with various teams from all over the world! We will cover it all in detail as it develops, but if you want a more in-depth guide on the last few weeks of RLCS X, check out our RLCS X Tracker.

Anyway, Rocket League's South American Champions are True Neutral, and we're hyped to see how they evolve in the future!


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