Top 5 Most Expensive Items in Rocket League – Ridiculous!!

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Rocket League Expensive Items
All gold everything. (Image credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League players love trading – so much so, that some of these trading amounts exceed several months' worth of salary. TW items? Get outta here… this is much bigger than that.

Games these days – particularly competitive games – are about more than just playing them: Games are about flexing. Flexing gear. Flexing status. Flexing money. Rocket League is no different and since the game has gone free to play and boasts one million daily players, the in-game trading economy has only taken off even more. Wanna get rich? Dabble in the Rocket League market, folks. There are a number of items that make bank, so we listed the top 5 most expensive items in Rocket League for you here.

Yeah, yeah, you got your Titanium White Dracos or a shiny TW Octane and, yeah, they’re worth a pretty penny. Not gonna knock that. They’re special, too, and if you have one, hey, you’re special. Good on you. But in this top 5 list, we’re going for the top of the pops. The big ballers. The stuff our interns can’t afford.

As a measuring stick, we’re going with the official Rocket League website and their credit packages. Here, at the most generous conversion rate, 6500 credits are $50 dollars – making $1 worth 130 credits. The conversion rate we’re going with here is:

  • $1 = 130 credits
  • $10 = 1300 credits
  • $100 = 13,000 credits
  • $1000 = 130,000 credits
  • $10,000 = 1,300,000 credits

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And now, let's look at the top 5 most ridiculously expensive items in Rocket League.

5. Striker White Apex

Strike White Apex Rocket League
Striker White Apex: Pretty and expensive. (Image credit: Psyonix)

Striker White Apex – Wheels, baby. White wheels. Striker Wheels. Apex wheels. An asterisk pattern and that white-bright finish set these apart.

Similar to the Titanium White Apex Wheels, but those extra flourishes make all the difference: The Titanium White Apex Wheels can be copped for 40-50k, but the Striker White Apex… these bad boys go for around 80K on every platform. That’s $615. Not bad, not bad at all. But we’re just getting started.

4. Gold Cap

Gold Cap Rocket League
Rock that gold cap. (Image credit: Psyonix)

Gold Cap – An alpha reward, given to the Day 1s. This naturally means that it is very rare.

If you wanna look fly in gold, you gotta shell out roughly 100k on PC, 150k on Xbox and up to 200k credits on PS4. On PS4, that’d be $1500 for an in-game hat made out of digital gold. Yup. Maybe go for an IRL hat?

3. Goldstone

Goldstone Rocket League
Some people like their rims golden. (Image credit: Psyonix)

Gold is expensive, so it should come as no surprise to see another gold item on here. In real life, rich folks are decked out in gold watches and teeth and in Rocket League... it’s golden wheels.

The Goldstone wheels are another alpha reward. Damn… bet you wish you would’ve played the alpha now, right? Hard to gauge the price of this one but it’s right between 300k and 400k on Xbox One and PC.

On PS4, you can get it a bit cheaper – it goes for as low as 100k. Thus, at its worst, Goldstone is worth $770 and at its best – $3000. Not sure about you, but we’re about to sign up for all the upcoming alphas, no matter the game…

2. Gold Rush

Gold Rush Rocket League
It's a... gold rush. Pun intended. (Image credit: Psyonix)

Gold Rush – More gold because everybody looooooves gooooooold. Another alpha item and a super limited edition boost given to Alpha testers. Yeah, the real OGs.

Pricing ranges from 400k to 1 million credits, so let’s settle for 700k, which is… $5400. Bruh… Wish somebody would’ve told me earlier that I can pay off my college tuition fees with Rocket League items...

1. White Hat

White Hat Rocket League
White Hat: For the good hackers. (Image credit: Psyonix)

The White Hat is only given to players that report significant security vulnerabilities to Psyonix. More specifically: To get the White Hat, you have to hack into Rocket League and then report it to Psyonix, so they can strengthen their immune system. A friendly hack… you know, the usual…

This item is so rare that there is no reliable pricing for it, but the White Hat has been sold for $3000 as well as $7000 and even $12,000.

So… uhm, we’re about to watch Mr. Robot and get into some hacking… how about you?

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