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Stake and AztraL? There are Pros in the house!

Rocket League Pros Stake & AztraL Join KCorp Ahead of RLCS 11

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rocket league aztraL and Stake move to KCorp
Hang on, AztraL and Stake have moved to KCorp? This is going to be one hell of a lineup! | © KCorp, AztraL, & Stake

Karmine Corp have welcomed Maëllo "AztraL" Ernst and Marc "Stake" Bosch Plujà ahead of the beginning of RLCS Season 11. Rocket League Pros AztraL and Stake joining KCorp will be big news for season 11, as the RLCS moves into the second half of 2021. What does it mean for RLCS 11 that AztraL and Stake are joing KCorp?

You've read that correctly, it seems that AztraL and Stake are moving up in the world, and KCorp are set for a fantastic lineup in RLCS Season 11. KCorp might not have been around for a particularly long time, but their signing of these two pros shoot the organization into the spotlight, with good chances in season 11 of the RLCS. Let's take a look at Rocket League's AztraL and Stake, and what it means for KCorp.

Rocket League Pros AztraL and Stake are joining KCorp ahead of RLCS season 11, but what happened at the RLCS X Championships? Let's dive in!

Rocket League: AztraL & Stake Join KCorp

AztraL and Stake have joined KCorp, or Karmine Corp, alongside Amine "Itachi" Benayachi and coach Francisco "Arleyobi" Ganzález. The new lineup is big news for KCorp, as the team heads into season 11 of the RLCS. We can also confirm that Karmine Corp have qualified for RLCS 11, and thus, will be playing in the upcoming Champions Series.

The announcement that AztraL and Stake would be joining KCorp for RLCS Season 11 and subsequent tournaments came as no surprise. That being said, the announcement yielded more than a whopping 3000 responses on social media, a pretty major response to a RLCS Roster change like this.

The three players are former Vodafone Giants, and were let go for Solary Org only last month, despite a pretty reasonable performance at RLCS X. It's exciting news for KCorp and RLCS Season 11 that AztraL and Stake have joined KCorp, as the legendary team will be able to continue their careers as Rocket League pros, and actually compete in the upcoming competition.

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