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New Rocket League Update Won't Fix 120 FPS Bug on PS5

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Psyonix will not fix the 120 FPS bug in today's update. | © Psyonix

Psyonix are releasing a new patch later today, but this update will reportedly not address the ongoing 120 FPS Bug on PlayStation 5. Rocket League on PS5 will instead receive a separate update to address the 120 FPS Bug. Here's what we know about the Rocket League PS5 120 FPS Bug Update...

It's getting a bit bizarre at this point. Rocket League received its big PS5 Upgrade weeks ago at this point, and the 120 FPS Bug is still here. Psyonix have admitted to the issue, and are working hard behind the scenes to resolve it, but it does seem to have taken them quite a while at this point. Anyway, we do have some news on the 120 FPS Bug Update for Rocket League, so let's dive in.

Will this Week's Rocket League Update Fix the 120 FPS Bug on PS5?

No, this week's update will not address Rocket League PS5's 120 FPS Bug. Instead, Rocket League will release a separate update to address the ongoing problems with Rocket League's PS5 edition. We don't have a set release date for this additional patch, nor do we know what is going to be introduced with this week's scheduled Rocket League update. We imagine that it will address a number of minor bugs, and we will update you when we know more, but so far there is no solid information about the update.

Whilst this new update will not fix Rocket League's 120 FPS Bug on PlayStation 5, we can confirm that it will be available for all platforms. In addition, the patch will be released on September 8, at 4PM PT. As we previously stated, there is little-to-no information available about what that patch willactually include.

What is the Rocket League 120 FPS Bug on PS5?

The Rocket League 120 FPS Bug prevents players from playing the game at 120 frames per second on PlayStation 5. It is an issue caused by a performance modes problem that occurred after the big PS5 Upgrade a few weeks ago, and has caused a significant number of problems for players who want that silky-smooth frame rate for online and competitive play. Psyonix have previously confirmed that they are working on a fix, and that we can expect an update later in September. This latest Tweet confirms that this fix will be coming very soon, but not with this week's update.

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