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What has changed in Rocket League update 2.03?

Rocket League Update 2.03 Patch Notes & Details

Rocket League
rocket league update 2.03
Remember: Rocket League Update 2.03 does not fix the PS5 120FPS Bug! | © Psyonix

Rocket League Update 2.03 is now out, and introduces a number of bug fixes, as well as the brand new 2021 NFL Fan Pass content and some server updates. Let's take a look at the Rocket League Update 2.03 Patch Notes, what has been added, what has been changed, and what has been fixed.

Psyonix are pretty bloody busy at the moment. They are adding new NFL content, they are migrating Rocket League onto Unreal Engine 5, and they are working on a mystery project. Oh, and they will – at some point – be releasing a fix for the PS5 120 FPS Bug. Today, we've been greeted with a nice little patch, which adds some quality content, and fixes some rather irritating bugs. Let's take a look at the Rocket League Update 2.03 Patch Notes...

What's in Rocket League Update 2.03?

Rocket League Update 2.03 brings the 2021 NFL Fan Pass content, as well as a new India Server and several bug fixes. This is a pretty hefty update, in other words, with some very solid bug fixes and a number of additions. The new India Servers are a pretty big deal, as they have been lacking since Rocket League launched. They are hosted in Mumbai and will provide the country with ASM Server access, bringing a whole new community to Rocket League. We will cover the 2021 NFL Fan Pass Content separately, but we would like to remind everyone that this update does not fix the 120 FPS Bug on PS5. This fix will come in a separate update.

Rocket League Update 2.03 Release Date

This update, Rocket League Update 2.03, released on September 8, 2021. In other words, today's update is already out and ready to rock 'n roll after it blessed our screens at 4PM PT / 11PM UTC. You can download it already, and dive right-on-in. Enjoy!

Rocket League Update 2.03 Platforms

  • Epic Games Store
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Steam
  • Switch
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Rocket League Update 2.03 Patch Notes

Rocket League Update 2.03: The Headlines

  • This update prepares Rocket League for the new incoming 2021 NFL Fan Pass content.
  • We know many of you are patiently waiting, and our goal is to release an update later this month that brings 120 FPS to the PlayStation 5.

Rocket League Update 2.03: Changes and Updates

  • Server Regions
    • ‘India’ has been added as a server regionServers are hosted in Mumbai
    • India tournament region uses ASM servers

Rocket League Update 2.03: Bug Fixes

  • Aliasing along the ramp in Deadeye Canyon has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug related to being kicked prematurely from an in-progress Tournament
  • Several Italian, German, and Russian localization fixes
  • Fixed a crash scenario involving Dropshot and the NASCAR Trail
  • Tournament Rank now correctly displays on the Tournament History page

Please keep in mind that these Rocket League Update 2.03 Patch Notes were taken from Rocket League's official website. Additionally, if you encounter any problems in Rocket League, you can check if the problem is a known issue and will be fixed via the official Known Issues List.

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