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Let's take a look at Rocket League Update 1.99!

Rocket League Update 1.99: Fast & Furious, Patch Notes, & More

Rocket League
rocket league update 1.99
Let's take a look at Rocket League Update 1.99. What are in the patch notes? | © Psyonix

Rocket League Update 1.99 is here, bringing a bunch of new content and some pretty major bug fixes. What exactly is coming with Rocket League Update 1.99, and when and where can I get it? Here are the Rocket League Update 1.99 Patch Notes...

It's no secret that Rocket League Season 3 has been a bit of a dud, plagued with a mirage of problems, and just a ridiculous amount of seriously expensive and seriously underwhelming vehicle bundles. Fast & Furious is coming, though, so it's time to finally get at least a bit hyped! We have the Rocket league Update 1.99 patch notes for you, what's included, and how you can get your hands on the latest patch.

Well, well, well. Rocket League Season 3 could be rounding the close pretty soon. That's exciting! Let's get you all caught up on the latest Rocket League news, though, so that you're prepared!

What's Coming with Rocket League Update 1.99?

Rocket League Update 1.99 brings the new Fast & Furious content to Rocket League, as well as the Select Favorites Item Series, and a number of bug fixes. It's actually one of the most comprehensive updates that we have seen for Rocket League in a long time. Most recent updates have added a couple of new features, but have only contained a one or two bug fix. This one is different: a ton of new content, and a ton of bug fixes! Exciting!

Where can I get Rocket League Update 1.99?

You can download Rocket League Update 1.99 on any system that currently supports Rocket League. Thus, that means that Rocket League Update 1.99 is available on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

When is the Rocket League Update 1.99 Release Date?

Rocket League Update 1.99 was released on June 16, at 4PM Pacific Time, and thus is already available as of writing. Upon downloading Rocket League Update 1.99, keep in mind that when Rocket League gets new updates and patches, players often get a "Version Mismatch Error". If this happens – don't worry, just check out our solutions in our dedicated article.

Rocket League Update 1.99 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the rejoin notification from appearing after disconnecting from an Online Match
  • Adjusted the Dune Racer Decal so it no longer changes the trim color on Octane
  • [PS4] Fixed the Add Friends notification, so it appears at the intended frequency
  • Fixed a bug causing some purchased Premium DLC from appearing on multiple platforms
  • Fixed appearance of some NASCAR Player Banners
  • [Rumble] Fixed a bug preventing some players from receiving power-ups once their timer hits zero
  • [Xbox One] Fixed an issue causing long boot times on Xbox One

Rocket League Update 1.99 did more than just add a few cool new features to the game, it also introduced the most comprehensive set of bug fixes in months. Some of these bad boys – in particular, the rejoin notification bug, and the add friends notification – have been a pretty major problem, and it is truly fantastic to have them fixed in Rocket League Update 1.99.

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