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Wow, they have already fixed the Rocket League Stuck Camera Glitch!

Rocket League Stuck Camera Glitch Fixed in Update 1.98

Rocket League
rocket league update 1.98 fixed camera stuck bug
Well, Rocket League Update 1.98 is here, and it has fixed the camera stuck glitch! (Credit: Psyonix)

Psyonix have released Rocket League Update 1.98, finally putting an end to the Camera Stuck Glitch, only days after the bug became known. Rocket League Update 1.98 also comes with the release of the McLaren 570S into our favorite car-football game. We take a look at the Rocket League Update 1.98 Patch Notes, and what has been fixed...

Rocket League Season 3 is in full swing, the McLaren 570S is zipping around, and now Update 1.98 has dropped, fixing a pretty major problem in Rocket League. Update 1.98 might be pretty small, but it fixes a pretty massive problem, and came out in an insanely short space of time. We're impressed! Let's take a look...

What is the Camera Stuck Glitch? What is going on in Rocket League? Here's the latest news...

What is in Rocket League Update 1.98?

Rocket League Update 1.98 fixes the notorious camera stuck bug, as well as another glitch that was effecting people's ability to spectate. This new update also comes as Rocket League sees the McLaren 570S return for the first time since the game went free-to-play in 2020. It's a pretty small update, but has a pretty big impact.

What Platforms is Rocket League Update 1.98 Available For?

Rocket League Update 1.98 is available on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. That's right, it's basically available everywhere! This is not entirely unexpected, most Rocket League Updates come out cross-platform.

Rocket League Update 1.98 Release Date

You can already download Rocket League Update 1.98, as it was released on May 26, at 4PM PT / 11PM UTC. We imagine that the update also includes the addition of the McLaren 570S which is joining the Rocket League roster once more, and was also announced on May 26.

Rocket League Update 1.98 Patch Notes

Update 1.97: Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing players to be invisible in a match with a stuck camera position
  • Fixed a bug preventing creators from spectating their own Custom Tournament matches

Well, there you have it. Rocket League Update 1.98 is a pretty small one, but there's a lot to like. It was only a few days ago that people started reporting on the stuck camera glitch, and it is already fixed! Compared to other games, like Warzone, which take forever to fix, this is one impressively fast-fix. Kudos to you, Psyonix, kudos to you!


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