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It seems the Rocket League Season 3 servers have broken Item Trade Ins!

Rocket League Trade Ins Disabled By Psyonix

Rocket League
rocket league trade ins disabled
Trade Ins have been disabled in Rocket League Season 3. (Credit: Psyonix)

Trade Ins have been temporarily disabled, due to ongoing issues with the Rocket League servers following the Season 3 launch. The big question is, however, how long will it be until they are re-enabled, and why was this an issue in the first place?

As usual, with a new Season come new problems. That's okay – Rocket League Season 3 is great, and we're in love with all this nice new loot – but it is a tad annoying if we wanted to take advantage of Trade Ins. Following the Season 3 launch on April 7, we've had some server problems, and boy oh boy, it looks like it's what has caused this kerfuffle... 

Trade ups disabled, maybe just on PS5 from RocketLeague

What is Rocket League Item Trade Ins?

Rocket League Item Trade Ins is a system whereby you can trade items with other players in the Rocket League community. It's pretty sweet, allowing you to share cool stuff with your friends, and swap items that you don't want with other players. Who doesn't like trading? We do, you should check it out... once it is working.

Why Have Rocket League Item Trade Ins Been Disabled?

Psyonix has explained that Item Trade Ins have been disabled due to problems that are connected to ongoing server issues. Originally Matchmaking was also not working, but that has now been fixed.

Matchmaking has been restored. However, Trade-In is currently disabled and items acquired by players may not be visible for up to 15 minutes.

Turning off Trade Ins is important, as with ongoing server issues, Psyonix needs to make sure that all fraud protection services are working correctly.

When Will Rocket League Item Trade Ins Come Back?

Item Trade Ins should be back online relatively soon, as the issue was connected to server issues. Once those issues have been resolved, we expect that the Trade Ins will be reinstated. This could happen now, it could happen tomorrow, or it could have even been reinstated by the time you are reading my wonderful, wonderful article...

rocket league season 3 tyranno
Rocket League Season 3 features the Tyranno. Fabulous! (Credit: Psyonix)

How Can I Use Rocket League Item Trade Ins?

  • Jump on into Rocket League.
  • Invite a friend, or another player into a party.
  • Click, select, choose "Invite To Trade".
  • You both have to agree to trade, and agree on what to trade.
  • Trade.
  • Enjoy.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, that's because it bloody is! Rocket League Item Trade Ins are pretty great, because they allow you to expand and create a better collection in Rocket League, something many hardcore players are very passionate about. It is a shame that Trade Ins are currently disabled, but we are pretty certain that they will be back really soon!


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