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Why Does Rocket League Season 3 Suck More Than Tomato Soup?

Rocket League

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Rocket League Season 3 is out, and we've been playing it. Its motorsport's theme, there's a NASCAR and Formula 1 collaboration in the works (but not out yet), and its various different pieces of new content are all here, and beg one question: why does this suck so much? Well, Season 3 has a lot of problems up its sleeve. That's a problem because if only problems are up its sleeve, then what else is there to look forward to?

We take a look at Rocket League Season 3, and ask a few of the new Season's operative questions. What does Rocket League Season 3 offer? How is the NASCAR and F1 collaboration going? What's the deal with MMR rank changes, all these server problems, and Trade Ins being disabled? Is it worth our time? Oh, and most importantly... Why does Rocket League Season 3 suck more than Tomato Soup?


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