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There's a lot happening in Rocket League's Llama Rama!

Rocket League Season 3: Announcement, Epic Games, & Release Date

Rocket League
rocket league season 3 release date
Season 3 is exciting, but when will we find out more? (Credit: Psyonix)

It seems like Rocket League Season 3 is just around the corner, with Epic Games announcing a Llama Rama to celebrate its announcement. The big question on all our minds, though, is when is its release date? What will be included? What's with this Season 3 Announcement? Let's stop asking. Let's start answering these questions.

Whilst not a whole lot is known about Rocket League Season 3, everything that's come out so far bodes well for our favorite Car-Football simulator. There's a big announcement coming up, and considering the scale of this announcement... there seems to be a lot to look forward to!

rocket league llama rama
The new Llama Rama event looks super cool and will be host to some pretty major Season 3 announcements! (Credit: Psyonix / Epic Games)

Rocket League Season 3: Llama Rama Announcement

Rocket League Season 3 will be officially announced at the conclusion of the Kaskade Concert on March 26. The main stage of Fortnite's Party Royale will be hosting the concert. That's big news for Rocket League's position at Epic Games. Kaskade will be playing, though, which is super f**king cool! Season 2 featured him extensively, and he will be performing his brand-new EP... what even are video games at this point?

Rocket League Season 3: Epic Games & Fortnite Crossover

It looks like Rocket League Season 3 will strengthen the relationship between Rocket League and Fortnite, which is no surprise considering Epic Games' acquisition of Rocket League last year. Please don't rage too hard on this one. Be positive. Fortnite is cool, right? Well, that's up for discussion, but it does look like there will be some pretty cool crossover episodes.

Now, if you didn't get that Bojack Horseman reference, we'll forgive you. If you don't know what Fortnite Party Royale is... we'll forgive you too, but it is basically a big party mode in Fortnite that hosts live events and s**t. It has become really popular during the pandemic, is a whole lot of fun, and will be a great platform for the Rocket League Season 3 Announcement...

Rocket League Season 3: Rocket Pass, Rewards, & Ranks

Rocket League Season 3 will make very minimal changes to the Rocket Pass and Rewards systems, and ranks will remain unchanged. That's okay! Let's simplify s**t, and just get some cool new content instead, huh? There will still be 100 ranks of rewards, the Rocket Pass will still cost 1000 Credits, and you will still be able to get all these rewards for free (if you are willing to work for them). Sounds fun? It's Rocket League, of course, it's fun...

Rocket League Season 3: Release Date

Rocket League Season 3 could be seeing an April 8 release date, with Season 2 set to expire on April 7. This is, as usual, an educated guess, and we will probably see an official release date reveal on March 26, at the announcement event. Originally, Season 2 was supposed to end on March 31. Perhaps this recent "delay" could actually be so that Psyonix can add tons more cool s**t to Rocket League? We'll have to wait and see...

What will Season 3 be? What will be added, removed, and improved? Well, we won't find out for another couple of days, but for now, we can still sit back and celebrate the end of Season 2 with a couple of rounds. Sounds fun? Well, we're excited, and we're always happy to be playing Rocket League, so get your a$$ off the internet, and get ready for another round...


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