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Some expensive Alpha Boosts and other items in Rocket League...ouch!

Rocket League: How To Get Prix Alpha Boost & Items

Rocket League
rocket league prix alpha boost
Bloody hell, is that a farting car? What a stinky boy! Oh, wait, no. It's just the Rocket League Alpha Boost! (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League's Alpha Items are some of the most sought-after in the game, due to their eye-catching looks and effects. The Rocket League Prix Alpha Boost is one of the rarest items in the game, and we are here to show you how to get it, what it costs, and what the Alpha Items are all about!

The word "Alpha" gets thrown around a lot at the moment. Well, apart from the tedious stuff that fill up our social media feeds, it's also a pretty massive term in video gaming. Oh, and in Rocket League! The Alpha Items are some of the coolest in Rocket League, and the Alpha Boost is the coolest of them all.

What Are Alpha Items & Alpha Boost in Rocket League?

Alpha Items are rewards from the Rocket League Alpha, back before launch, and the Alpha Boost is a particular item within that category. In the olden days, back before Rocket League Season 3 graced us with its utter awfulness, Rocket League used to have cool stuff. The Alpha Items, as well as the Beta Items, were often some of that "cool stuff". It's very rare, too, so that makes it very valuable.

There are four items listed as the Alpha and Beta Rewards: the Gold Nugget, the Gold Car, the Goldstone, and the Gold Rush, also known as the Alpha Boost. They were provided to players between February 23, and August 10 in 2014 – of course, we mean available to beta testers.

How To Get the Prix Alpha Boost in Rocket League?

To get the Prix Alpha Boost, and other Alpha Items, you are going to have to use items to trade. But be warned! These items are very valuable, so if you want to get the Prix Alpha Boost, then you're going to need a pretty fat and thick wallet. Is it worth it? Well, considering that $1 USD gets you about 100 Credits, we're not quite sure...

How Much Do Alpha Items & Alpha Boost Cost in Rocket League?

  • Alpha Boost (Gold Rush): Between 800,000 and 900,000 Credits.
  • Alpha Wheels (Goldstone): Between 350,000 and 450,000 Credits.
  • Alpha Topper (Gold Cap): Between 120,000 and 150,000 Credits
  • Beta Antenna (Gold Nugget): Between 14,000 and 22,000 Credits

Well, that's one expensive bloody Rocket League item! Have fun with that... jeez-magee! Well, we don't know about you, but I certainly don't have that kind of dough for a simple Rocket League item! Bye-bye Prix Alpha Boost, bye-bye Rocket League Alpha Items, I ain't gonna be buying you...


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