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Oh hey, it's Pelé O Rei!

Rocket League Pelé O Rei Items Return

Rocket League
rocket league pele o rei returns
The legendary 'O Rei' Pelé returns to Rocket League! (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League will be receiving special "O Rei" Pelé items, available in the item shop until April 22. This will be the second time that the famous Brazilian footballer has been featured in Rocket League, after Pelé appeared in the game to celebrate his 80th Birthday back in October of 2020.

That's right: Pelé is returning to Rocket League! You pumped? We're pumped. In fact, you could say that we're moister... on second thoughts, it's too early for that joke, we'll leave it for later in the article. Let's take a look at this triumphant, fabulous player's return...

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Pelé is celebrated as one of the greatest Football players of all time. (Credit: The Telegraph UK)

Who Is Pelé And Why Is He In Rocket League?

Pelé is a famous Brazilian footballer, who turned 80 last year, and was featured in Rocket League in a number of items and decals. You want the boring textbook answer to this question? Well, this is EarlyGame, so I will give you just this: Pelé has been labeled one of the greatest players of all time by FIFA (and just about everybody), and people love him.

You want more? Check out his Wikipedia...

Anyway, to answer the second part of this astounding question, Pelé is in Rocket League because Psyonix wanted to celebrate his 80th Birthday back in October of 2020. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, otherwise known as Pelé O Rei, won three World Cups, and the Rocket League developers just wanted to give some kudos to the dude. Kind of sweet really.

In the original event, players had to record a clip of spectacular gameplay, and send it to Psyonix for assessment. The winner would get the chance to be featured on the RLCS X South American Regional Major broadcast last year. What a lovely celebration of Pelé's birthday, right? Hang on... why are we talking about this now?

What Are the Pelé Rocket League Items?

  • The Pelé Wheels (free)
  • The Octane Pelé Decal (free)
  • Pelé Player Sign
  • Pelé Antenna

The first two Pelé items have now finally arrived in Rocket League for free. All of these items are currently now available in the Rocket League Store. The items will be available from now until Thursday, April 22, continuing the celebration of this Brazilian soccer legend.

It is kind of unclear why Psyonix have chosen to continue this celebration now. Pelé is an insanely popular Football player, and it was certainly a successful event back in October. Maybe they just want to continue to celebrate Pelé's legacy in Rocket League? If so, then we applaud you, Psyonix, we applaud you... 

Oh, I almost forgot: This certainly makes us... moister than an oyster.


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