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Could There Be a Hint for the Season 3 Release Date?

Rocket League Llama Rama: Items, Challenges & Season 3

Rocket League
rocket league llama rama
It seems Season 3 will be upon us soon. In the meantime, it's time for Llama Rama 2.0! (Credit: Psyonix)

Fortnite and Rocket League are coming together to celebrate another Llama Rama, sending off Season 2 with a bang. The event will feature a bunch of cool content, including items, challenges, live events, and a reveal for Season 3 of Rocket League.

Well, we expect you're all pretty f**king excited about the end of Rocket League Season 2, right? Well – you're about to have your proverbial socks blown off! Rocket League is finishing off Season 2 with a Llama Rama event that has us all insanely hyped.

When is the Rocket League Llama Rama?

The Llama Rama event will run from March 25, through to April 9. It will feature a bunch of challenges in both Rocket League and Fortnite. These will offer rewards, based on the tasks that you complete. Oh, and DJ/Producer Kaskade will be headlining Rocket League Season 2 with a concert in Fortnite's Party Royale: 

The big question on everyone's mind: what's included? Well, we're about to give you a delicious, spicy list... but first, here's a Llama Gif. It seems appropriate.

What are the Llama Rama Challenges and Rewards?

  • Challenge 1: Beyonder – Play three online matches, earn a Topper in Rocket League.
  • Challenge 2: More Llama Bell – Get 500 points in online matches, earn a player anthem in Rocket League.
  • Challenge 3: Over Yonder – Get five goals, assists, or saves in online matches, earn an Octane Decal in Rocket League.
  • Challenge 4: Umbrella Royale – Get five clears and centers in online matches, earn wheels in Rocket League.
  • Challenge 5: Extra Ordinary – Play one online match in any of the Extra Modes playlists, earn a player title in Rocket League.
  • Challenge 6: Winning is Everything (Rocket League Exclusive) – Win 10 online matches, and earn 20,000 XP. Oh, it's repeatable, too!

We hope you enjoyed the promised list, you can also find it in more detail on Epic Games' Website.

rocket league season 3 logo
Rocket League Season 3 should be coming soon, and we couldn't be any more hyped! (Credit: Psyonix)

What About Rocket League Season 3?

Well, it seems that after Kaskade gives us his show, we will be seeing the first ever trailer for Rocket League Season 3! This could reveal its release date, and a bunch of cool content that should be coming to Rocket League. Oh, and it's just awesome. Oh, and it is a great end to Season 2. Oh... and it's time for us to go play Rocket League. Bye-bye!


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