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Is the OGBP just another Rocket League Item?

Rocket League Items: OGBP Price & Details

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rocket league item ogbp price
So many Rocket League Items, so much OGBP! What's the price? (Credit: Psyonix)

With so many Rocket League items circling around, it's easy for things to get a little lost. What about the OGBP, otherwise known as the Original Boost Pad topper? Well, it's pretty cool. We are going to take a look at it, what it is, how it looks, and what even is the OGBP price? This is the OGBP, a pretty fabulous Rocket League Item...

Rocket League items are a foundational part of the Rocket League experience, items and toppers like the OGBP. Who doesn't like decking out our Rocket League vehicles? Who doesn't like a nice topper item, or you could say a nice hat, for your favorite car? Well, we do, and the OGBP is a pretty cool item indeed. Let's take a look!

What is the Rocket League OGBP Item?

The OGBP Item is a Rocket League topper, designed to look like an Original Boost Pad, hence the name. This OGBP Topper allows players to see how many boost pickups they've had, and it also looks insanely cool. That yellow triangle-thing looks stunning, especially when combined with the right decal. Oof, it sure-as-hell is nice!

OGBP topper should show total boost pickups. Psyonix please fix from RocketLeague

What is the OGBP Price in Rocket League?

The Rocket League OGBP Price has been sitting at a very stable 333 Rocket League Credits for a good long while now. This price is based on costings from Rocket Prices. It is defined as a Limited Item, and this topper has been at this stable price for a minimum of 15 straight days, at the time of writing. Well, that's a bloody good price for a Limited Rocket League Item like the OGBP Topper!

Is the OGBP Topper "Just Another Rocket League Item"?

The OGBP Topper is a pretty cool Rocket League item. It's pretty, it has a purpose, and it is at a good and stable price. So, it depends on your personal preference, we suppose. Do you like the look of it? Does the boost pickup counter appeal to you? Is the OGBP Topper your kind of item? Well, only you can answer these questions, but the OGBP Topper is certainly not "just another Rocket League Item"!


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