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Why Rocket League is The Greatest Esport Ever

Rocket League

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Yes, there are much more popular games. There are also much more popular esports titles. But we'll show you why Rocket League is the BEST esport. No game is fairer, there is no RNG, no balancing, no patch notes, no exploits, nothing! Just you and your car. Everyone drives at the same speed, jumps the same high, and every map is identical. There are NO excuses! If you make a mistake, it's YOUR fault. Not a champion that is overpowered, a weapon that shoots too fast or a map that is too dark.

Besides, Rocket League is the game that comes closest to a "real" sport. Even FIFA is just a strategic tactical button mashing game. Don't @ me.

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(Video Idea inspired by Wayton Pilkin & FLuuMP)