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It's time for Volume 7! This time, we're getting moist...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 7: Moist Montages

Rocket League
rocket league moist best and worst series
We're getting moist with Volume 7 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst series... (Credit: Psyonix / PNG Item)

Volume 7 of our weekly Rocket League Best and Worst Series is here! As usual, we are here to bring you three great pieces of Rocket League content, each week with a different theme. This week, we've got some "Moist Montages" to show you. That's right, three montages that are so awesome that they are guaranteed to make you moist. Let's not waste too much time and dive straight into EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Volume 7!

Look, last week was a bit of a mess. Good ol' Faris Delalic took over (I was indisposed) and delivered an "Untitled Episode" which, as the name suggested, had no direction whatsoever. Well, your curious comrade is back, and this time, it's with a vision. Look, I am not saying that ol' mate did a bad job, I am just saying: it's time for some soul. A new week of Rocket League Best & Worst. The past is behind us, now it's time for the present: here is Volume 7 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst! Oh, and you better pop on some swimmers, because we are looking at three montages that are guaranteed to make you moist...

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Well then, it's time, are you ready? Here is Volume 7 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Series...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 7: The Dry One

Look, this baby's short and sweet, and that music is probably going to put a hole through your eardrum (seriously dude, quit it with the auto-tune... learn to sing!), but some of these plays are certain to make you moister than a metaphysical oyster. Think of this video like a meat pie: the content's ain't what you're here for. It's more the idea of this montage that makes it legendary. It's the mood, tone, the smoothness at which this guy scores, and that god-awful music that just spins your mind in circles, over and over, over and over, over and over again. It's certainly a worthy addition to this week's Best and Worst!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 7: The Damp One

Dizzo, Dizzo, Dizzo, what have you done, done, done? Well, a montage of course – a pretty good one. The thing about YouTubers is that they really do enjoy showing off their skills, and this bad-boy ain't the exception. Apparently it is fun to show off your Rocket League abs, your delicious muscles, enviable energy, and tasty sirloins. You could even say that these montages are made to quench the thirst and hunger of all whom participate within them. Moist? No. Damp. This Rocket League Best & Worst Play is damp.

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 7: The Moist One

Well, as the title suggests: this is the moistest of moist plays. The crème de la crème of Rocket League montages. The beauty in the beast. The... okay I am done. This collection of insanely satisfying goals, freestyles and impossible shots is the moistest of all oysters, and it is certain to put a smile on your sweaty face. The rage and the grief, the something and the something else. Alright I am done. This is a great addition to our Rocket League Best and Worst Plays series. Enjoy it. Please.

It's good to have a bit of a "return to form", if I do say so myself. This week's Rocket League Best & Worst was, I hope, a banger. But it's over now. Get over it. Well, no, don't get over it. Come back next for more fabulous content – I promise, a little less slippery – but enough of that. I hope you enjoyed this week's Best & Worst. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you would like to see more from last week's author, or more from little ol' me. Either way, keep checking out those moist montages, and eat a pizza.

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