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Gotta get the best Reddit Rocket League clips!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 5: Reddit Bangers

Rocket League
rocket league best and worst plays vol. 5
There are some impressive, some terrible, and some funny plays in Rocket League. Let's dive into Vol. 5! (Credit: Psyonix / Reddit)

Volume 5 of our weekly Rocket League Best and Worst Series is here! As usual, we are here to bring you three great pieces of Rocket League content, each week with a different theme. This week, we've got some "Reddit Bangers" to show you. We have scoured Reddit to find some great clips to show you from this past week. Let's not waste too much time and dive straight into EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Volume 5!

Last week, we had a bit of a giggle, a bit of a cackle, a bit of a laugh. It was the classic "Try not to laugh" situation, and it was a whole lot of fun. It's time to be a bit more serious, but that doesn't mean it's time to have any less fun! We're going to return to Reddit, somewhere, we have not visited since the very first episode. Specifically the subreddit r/RocketLeague. So, let's return to our roots, let's have a look at Reddit, and let's get started with Volume 5 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst series.

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Well then, it's time, are you ready? Here is Volume 4 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Series...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 5: The One with the "Oops"

Going off last week's theme, we're laughing our asses off! The way that this dude attempts to defend, ends up on the wrong side of the ball, and then accidentally ground pinches the ball into his own net is absolutely hilarious! What makes it even better is the chat after the goal gets scored. "Oops" indeed! Well, there's not much more to say. Check it out below, it's insanely funny, and we feel really sorry for this dude... Let's get on with a few more Rocket League plays!

Ground pinch into my net oops! from RocketLeague

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 5: The One with 14 Seconds

Now, this is really insane... hey, we're using the word "insane" a lot in this episode... well, in this clip we see possibly one of the fastest goals ever! When we see a Rocket League Play like this, we can't help but applaud, it is insanely fast, and this Redditor has some real skill. Skill that should be put to work, that's for sure. Keep playing Rocket League, dude, this is some top (insert rude word here). Yup, a nice middle-point for this week's of Rocket League Best & Worst Plays!

ok lmfao from RocketLeague

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 5: The One with the Double Tap

Another fast-paced play. This Rocket League Play really has us as moist as an oyster can be. The double tap, the smoothly-scored goal, the speed at which everything plays out makes this clip the perfect way to end this week's Rocket League Best and Worst Plays Episode. We absolutely love it! Just... that skill, guys, that skill. Of course there are pros, and they are great to watch, but sometimes you just need to chill and watch some normal people play, and when they exhibit skill... that's some great content!

Double tap from RocketLeague

Well, Reddit is one funny place. It's full of bizarre rules, and not really the "free internet" it used to be, but you can still find some pretty solid clips on there, if you dig for them. Oh, and we think that we might return again in a few weeks time – that's right, official EarlyGame announcement – we will be celebrating every five volumes with a Reddit episode! Thus, if you liked this one, then you should hold out for Episode 10 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Plays series! We'll see you next week...


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