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Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 3: Under 50 Views & Still Awesome

Rocket League
rocket league best and worst plays vol. 3
These players might be unknown, but they ain't dead. Unlike this Ghost! (Credit: Psyonix / NicePNG))

Welcome to Volume 3 of our Weekly Rocket League Best & Worst Series. In this series, we bring you three highlights of the week, always with some kind of theme. Last week, it was the RLCS X. This time? Well, there's RLCS X stuff we could look at, but that's boring. This week, we have scoured YouTube for great or funny plays with under 50 Views. Let's dive into the best Rocket League Best & Worst episode yet!

Well, if last week's entry in our Weekly Rocket League Best & Worst Series was salty and delicious, this one is our crème brûlée to last week's Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza. The perfect follow-up. Well, that makes very little sense, the first is French, the latter is Italian. Both are famous rivals. They also really don't match at all! Anyway, this time we're going to take three YouTube videos from the last week that all have less than 50 Views (as of writing, of course), but show off something good, something funny, and something bad. Classic "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly"! 

If you enjoy this article, here are the first two episodes of our Rocket League Best & Worst series. Enjoy!

Anyway, here is Volume 3 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Series...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 3: The Good

If you won't be driven crazy by the annoying music, there's something to really love about this little two-minute clip from cehqi on YouTube. He has some pretty slick plays here, and we think that with only 29 views (as of writing), this little gem is definitely something to enjoy. A master of the Air Dribble, this dude just won't stop! Obviously, this is not a well-known pro player, but Cehqi certainly knows his way around Rocket League, and at times, it is a joy to watch. Kudos, brother, kudos to you. You can check out his delicious, creamy montage below:

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 3: The Ugly

When checking out EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst series, keep in mind that nothing we do is about teasing players. It's all about having a bit of fun. For example, we love it when players are honest about their failures. That's why this bad-boy is the next in our list. This sweet clip is from Kaybee Gaming, and is aptly titled "Playing rocket league (why am I so bad)". Oh, as of writing the clip only has 6 views! Check it out, enjoy watching some delicious fails, and shoot Kaybee Gaming a subscribe, it's great to support smaller players! Seriously, some of these stuff-ups are gold!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 3: The Bloody Hilarious

Who doesn't like a sexy British accent whilst watching Rocket League plays? Well, we certainly enjoy it, and this final entry is full of laughs and great moments. Clarke Empire has only received 4 views as of writing – nuts! There are even some humorous little edits here, so plenty to enjoy. Still, that accent is beautiful. Clarke Empire, we love you. Truly. Oh, and this nice little compilation is unbelievably funny, and certainly the best way to end this fantastic episode! Have fun, EarlyGamers!

Well, we hope you enjoyed the absolute hell out of those couple of plays. Under 50 views, still breathing, still strugglin' along, still having fun. We enjoyed this week's episode especially, because it is always great to check out what some smaller members of the community are doing. The creativity, the fun, the fabulousness... We hope you enjoyed Volume 3 of our Rocket League Best & Worst Series! Cheerio!


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