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It's time to shake a bone... sorry, for our bones to shake.

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: Goosebumps Edition

Rocket League
rocket league best and worst vol. 14
Are you scared? Are your pants in danger? Are you disturbed by this image? You're in the right place. | © Psyonix

It's a crisis. A crisis of epic proportions. Bigger than Covid-19. Bigger than September 11. Bigger than the US Presidential Election. It's Rocket League: Goosebumps Edition, and none of what I just said is true. It's time for EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Volume 14: Goosebumps Edition, and it's time to get spooky...

Spooky spooky boo! Spooky spooky to you, to me, to everyone in the vicinity (that didn't really rhyme). This is the best Rocket League article series on the internet, and we will remain and continue to remain confident in that fact. The only loose end is good ol' Psyonix, who seem content to release nothing new, and nothing good, since Season 3 began. Thus, it's time to get frightening - let's scare Psyonix into actually giving us some new content - welcome to EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: Goosebumps Edition!

If you're awesome, and enjoy this episode, you should check out the previous five episodes of our Rocket League Best & Worst series. Enjoy!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: The One With the Moist Pants

Well, here is the one and only segment with actual... proper... game play. The reason I chose this one is not just its bloody name. It's that this freaking thing makes our paints moister than a metaphysical oyster. I know that your mind is going to dirty places, so please allow me to reassure you: it makes us sweat a lot, we are totally not alluding to other human fluids. Anyway, the way the ball just stays basically - but not quite - in the goal for such an insanely long time, and the way that everyone keeps missing? That's freakin' wild, guys. That's freakin' wild.

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: The One from October

Mate, you're reading EarlyGame's Best & Worst Volume 14: Goosebumps Edition, and just like the book "Goosebumps", this video is all about giving you (you guessed it) Goosebumps! Get it? Heh. Heh. Heh. Here are some spooky Rocket League stories, stop judging my awful joke. Read this article, read future articles, and watch this clip damnit!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: The One with the Ghostbusters

Is it time for the joke that you've all been waiting for? Yeah, I think it's time. You're in a house. There's a creaking on the floor... but no one's walkin'. Is it a ghost? Perhaps... the curtains are kinda movin' a bit weird, too. So maybe? Well: who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! Well... nah, they don't really exist, and it was your grandma in her wheelchair the whole time (you can tell that I am really funny). Anyway, Ghostbusters came to Rocket League for Halloween last year, and we think that it's the perfect way to end EarlyGame's Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 14: Goosebumps Edition!

Well, that was a creepy, uncomfortable, and slightly damp experience. Damp because holy cow in a basket, did some of those videos make us a little loose down under (if you get what I mean). EarlyGame's Best & Worst Vol. 14: Goosebumps Edition might be over, but it might take a while for you to be over it. Just saying. Keep reading these fabulous articles, and you will be going places... dark places. Tune in next time for the return of a familiar classic!

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