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Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 1: Reddit Bangers, RLCS, & YouTube Movies

Rocket League
rocket league best and worst vol. 1
Welcome to Volume 1 of our Rocket League Best & Worst series! It's time for some fun! (Credit: Psyonix)

Welcome to Volume 1 of our Weekly Rocket League Best & Worst Series. In this series, we will bring you three highlights of the week, something fabulous, something funny, and something else entirely. It will always be variable, it will always be fun, and it's time to jump into Volume 1 of EarlyGame's Rocket League Best and Worst.

So, are you ready? Are you pumped? Are you ready for a delicious collection of fun plays, exciting tournaments, and funny bollocks? Well, we hope that you are, because we have all of this right here for you today!

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 1: Something Awesome

The good folks over at FLuuMP released a new Rocket League movie on April 10. It's a bloody impressive piece of work, that the creators should be seriously proud of. From the moment Rocket League All The Time shows on the vehicles' in-car screen, to the floating-blob characters filling the stadium stands, everything about this project screams "polish" (not the nationality).

The story itself comes from my own love for the idea of restoration. I'm currently restoring a 70 year old motorcycle and I wanted to make something that captured the essence of a project like that.

It's insane that they pulled this off so well. It's sleek, entertaining, and fun. Most importantly, though: it's unequivocally Rocket League, and it has been made with love. Clocking in just under nine minutes, this is not a project that you will want to miss...

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 1: Something Hilarious

Good vibes indeed. Let's watch them spinny-spin-spin. Unlike the hairs on my chinny-chin-chin, this amusing clip comes courtesy of u/B_a_t_senpai on Reddit. It might be a minor thing, by an unknown Redditor, but whilst scrolling through my feed, I just couldn't help but chuckle. Well, chuckling is what we're here for today, so let's get giggling!

No Rotation. Just Good Vibes. from RocketLeague

Rocket League Best & Worst Vol. 1: Something Spacestation Gaming

We won't get too deep into the details here, but holy cow in a bucket, Spacestation Gaming had a bloody fabulous match against Team Envy during the RLCS regionals. We covered it in full here:

The absolute highlight was the play below, but to be honest, the whole last week of the RLCS has been full of fantastic plays from fantastic players and fantastic teams. Speaking of fantastic, Spacestation Gaming are moving onto the next rounds. Excited? Well, we certainly are!

So, there you have it. Three solid pieces of cool-as-hell Rocket League content. It's only volume 1, so we have plenty more to come. Stay tuned, stay hyped, enjoy Rocket League Season 3, and stick to EarlyGame!


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