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See here all the important info on Rocket League 2FA in the Epic Games Store

Rocket League 2FA: What’s 2FA and How Do I Activate It in the Epic Games Store?

Rocket League

With update 1.93, trading between players in Rocket League will require 2FA in the Epic Games Store. See what 2FA is and how to enable it here.

Psyonix and Epic Games recently released a new update for Rocket League that, in addition to fixing some annoying bugs, requires all players to enable 2FA, or 2-factor authentication, when trading with other players. See how you can enable 2FA in Rocket League here.

Rocket League 2FA – What Is 2FA And How Do I Activate It In The Epic Games Store?

  1. First you need to log into your Epic Games Store Account on their website.
  2. In your account, go to the section Password & Security.
  3. Scroll down and you will see an area, reading in big letters TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION. Here you can choose, which form of 2FA you want to use: Email, SMS or an athenticator app.

Et Voila, that's it! You now have 2FA activated in the Epic Games Store and can go back to player-to-player trading in Rocket League. Enjoy!


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