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The RLCS X Championships are geared up to go!

New RLCS X Championships Trailer & Release Date Announced

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rocket league rlcs x championship
Well, the Rocket League RLCS X Championship has finally been announced! When's the release date? (Credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League Esports have released an announcement trailer for the RLCS X Championships, revealing the lineup for a full week of Rocket League Champions Series Season 10 celebrations. Here's everything that was revealed, including the specific playoffs and lineups, the RLCS X Championships Release Date, and more...

For your beautiful brains, we have prepared an RLCS X tracker, with all the latest info right her for you, updated just as RLCS news drops. Check it out, and continue to check back for all the most recent info!

The RLCS X Championships won't be for a while, but that doesn't mean that you can't still be hyped. Check out the new trailer, and after that, check out our breakdown of everything that got revealed!

What are the RLCS X Championships?

The RLCS X Championships are a week-long event planned to celebrate the end of RLCS X, kind of like a "grand final". We will cover the specific details of the RLCS X further down through this article, but for now, here are a few important details:

  • Teams from Europe, North America, Oceania & South America have been competing in regional tournaments.
  • Player safety is still a concern due to Covid-19, so there will be no in-person event for the RLCS X Championships in 2021.
  • There are still big plans for the RLCS X Championships, with a week-long celebration of the "best of the best" in RLCS X.

RLCS X Championships Lineup & Game-plan

In four separate events, the teams who have earned the most points in each region will compete to find out who is best.

  • The Top 2 in South America and Oceania will face off.
  • In North America and Europe, the Top 6 Teams will compete through a Page Playoff Bracket.
  • In a twist, however, RLCS X are introducing a "Best of Set". What is this?
    • To win a set, teams will have to win 2 "Best Of 3" matches.
    • South America and Oceania will compete in a single Best Of 7 set for their championships
    • North America and Europe are to be tested in a combination of Best of 5 Sets and Best of 7 Sets throughout their bracket.

In summary, this means that not only will the different Regions face off, and Page Playoffs will occur, but the new "Best Of" format will introduce even more challenge to the RLCS X competition. It will be grueling, indeed...

rlcs x championships schedule
We know that the structure can be confusing, so here's a nice info graphic to explain! (Credit: Psyonix)

When are the RLCS X Championships?

The RLCS X Champions will take place over a week, from June 15 to June 20, 2021. You will be able to tune in on Twitch, to see the action for yourself, but also don't forget to keep yourself focused on those regional championships, through our RLCS X Tracker, and stay tuned to EarlyGame!


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