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It's finally time for the RLCS X Championships!

RLCS X Championships: Results & Scores, Rankings, and Schedule Tracker

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The RLCS X Championships have kicked off, and we're to provide all the live updates you could possible need! | © Psyonix & RLCS

It's time for the RLCS X Championships, which means a busy schedule, and a ton of competition. We have the RLCS X Championship's schedule, all results, scores and rankings right here in this RLCS X Championships tracker.

Is it really this time of the year already? It seems pretty nuts that the RLCS X Championships are already here, drawing this season of RLCS to a close, and hopefully ending Rocket League's Covid-era. The RLCS X Championships are going to be a very different affair, with regions fighting it out for regional champions, but no joint cross-regional games. Let's take a look at the RLCS X Championship schedule, and break down all of the tournament's rankings, scores, and results.

Before we dive into the results, you should probably catch yourself up on all the information about the RLCS X Championships. We've got plenty for you to sink your teeth into, so we're hoping that your hungry...

RLCS X Championships Schedule & Tournaments

  • Thursday, June 17: RLCS X Championship's EU & NA Semifinals (8AM PT)
  • Friday, June 18: RLCS X Championship's EU & NA Semifinals (8AM PT)
  • Saturday, June 19: RLCS X Championship's SAM & OCE Grand Finals (2PM PT)
  • Sunday, June 20: RLCS X Championship's EU & NA Grand Finals (8AM PT)

RLCS X Championships Results, Scores, & Rankings Tracker

RLCS X Championships Tracker Day 1: EU & NA Semifinals

NRG and Team BDS will be moving onto the NA and EU RLCS X Championships Grand Finals respectively, after a number of very impressive plays from both teams.

NA RLCS X Championships Semifinals Results, Scores and Rankings

Team NRG came out on top for the first day of the NA Semifinals, after taking an unbelievably impressive win against G2. NRG succeeded to win two games out of three against G2, scoring four goals in both games, as opposed to G2's three and two goals. We are yet to see Team Envy go up against Spacestation Gaming, but we're pretty sure that this is going to be some real quality entertainment.

EU RLCS X Championships Semifinals Results, Scores and Rankings

As displayed in the above Tweet, Team BDS triumphed against Team Queso, taking home two out of three rounds: 4-0 and 4-2 respectively, impressive stuff! They will now move onto the Grand Finals, where they will face up against either Team Vitality or Top Blokes, depending on the result of tomorrow's EU Semifinal.

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