"Playing With Fire" Bundle Comes to Rocket League Item Shop: All Items, Hitboxes, & Details

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The "Playing With Fire" Bundle is relatively pricy, but could be the perfect Christmas present for your Rocket League obsessed cousin!
rocket league playing with fire bundle
What is in Rocket League's "Playing With Fire" Bundle? | © Psyonix

Psyonix have introduced yet another bundle to the Rocket League Item Shop. In this case, it's called "Playing With Fire" and is also the return of a beloved bundle, featuring a beloved car. You see, the fact that the Fennec is featured so prominently in this particular bundle is truly spectacular. It is one of the best cars in the game, and clearly beats the Octane, but does make the following question a little hard to answer: is this bundle worth it?

That's the purpose of this article, though, and something that you really do have to work out for yourself. On one hand, the "Playing With Fire" Bundle would be absolutely fantastic if you're looking for a Rocket League-related Christmas present for a friend or family member. On the other hand, though, it is an insanely expensive bundle that really doesn't offer much of value except for the Fennec itself. Are we complaining? Well, maybe.

In the end, all we can do is present you with the facts and answer all of your questions. The decision regarding whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on this bundle is entirely up to you. We're not going to recommend anything, except to say the following: money can be hard to come by, is this really where you want it to go? Especially when you can get an absolutely fantastic bundle for so much less? Anyway, let's get on with the "Play With Fire" Bundle. What's in it, and what are the details?

What's in the "Playing With Fire" Bundle?

Item NameItem Type
FennecImport Body
Fire GodBlack Market Animated Decal
PyrrhosExotic Wheels
Pixel FireImport Rocket Boost
BlazerVery Rare Trail
HellfireBlack Market Goal Explosion
rocket league playing with fire
Check out what's in the Rocket League "Playing With Fire" Bundle. | © Psyonix

How Much Does the "Playing With Fire" Bundle Cost?

The "Playing With Fire" Bundle costs a whopping 3000 Rocket League Credits, or the equivalent of about $30 USD. Indeed, this particular bundle might feature a Fennec, but it's also the price of a nice meal out, or a large quantity of beers. There are also only six items in the bundle, even further accentuating the point that the "Playing With Fire" Bundle is outrageously expensive. I mean, these are virtual items, after all, and it literally costs Psyonix nothing to give these to us. This all being the case, though, we also have to admit that there are some pretty fabulous Rocket League Items here.

When is the "Playing With Fire" Bundle Available?

It is not entirely sure when the "Playing With Fire" Bundle will be removed from the Item Shop. It is not labelled in the Item Shop, nor has been revealed on Psyonix's social media. What we do know, however, is that the bundle is featured in the "Bundles" section of the item shop, where Bundles often spend very long periods of time. After all, the Insidious Orange Bundle is still there, it's still kickin', and it has been around for months. Yet again, we're not complaining, just stating a fact. Calm down.

What is the Fennec's Hitbox?

The Fennec features an Octane Hitbox, though it is by far the better vehicle than the base Octane. Now, we wanted to establish this outright, so that we can break down our reasoning later, but honestly we don't have that much time... so read this article. Basically, the Fennec fits in the hitbox way better, and is therefore far easier to control and play with. In the end, though, it's always about how the car handles and how the car looks. If you like the look of the Octane better, then fair enough. If not, well... I don't really care. Bye.