Psyonix Reveals AMustyCow's Musty Garage in the Rocket League Item Shop

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Absurdly-named "amustycow" has received his very own Rocket League Creator Garage. What's in Musty's Garage?
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What is in Musty's Garage? | © Psyonix

A few months ago, we took you through Rocket League's first Creator Garage, presented by good ol' Athena. It was a solid effort, and good enough to – along with a number of additional achievements – convince us to name her EarlyGame's Rocket League Player of the Month for August. Now, it seems that it's amustycow's turn, but is Musty's Garage good enough to earn him such an accolade?

Of NRG fame, it seems that amustycow has been the next Rocket League content creator to get a bundle in Psyonix's brand-new Creator's Garage Series. Musty has accrued a whopping 2.5 Million subscribers over the years, and is one of the most popular Rocket League creators out there. He's so successful, in fact, that he even had a move named after him in-game!

What is in Musty's Garage, though? Well, quite a lot, and if you decide to purchase it then you should make sure to use his Support-A-Creator code, which is literally "MUSTY". This will give him a percentage of the profits, which is always a good thing for creators like amustycow. Neat, right?

What is in Musty's Garage?

Musty's Garage features a selection of six Rocket League Items. It includes the Poof Goal Explosion, in lime, which is the first time that a painted version of this item has ever been available. So, what we're telling you is the following: Musty's Garage doesn't just kick arse, but is actually a historical moment! Here are the items:

OctaneLime Painted

Car Body

Sparkles BoostCrimson PaintedRocket Boost
Standard TrailLime Painted

Rocket Trail

PoofLime PaintedGoal Explosion

This is a pretty solid selection of items, and something that amustycow should definitely be proud of. You can certainly deck out your Octane to look pretty neat with this selection of items, but how much is it going to set you back?

How Much Does Musty's Garage Cost?

Musty's Garage is available in the Rocket League Item Shop for a whopping 2000 RL Credits. That is approximately $20 USD, so quite pricey. It will be up to you whether you feel that it is worth it. To be honest, for six items it is pretty dear, so I would probably keep my distance. That being said, if you are a huge amustycow fan, then this would be a godsend for you, and you should definitely check it out!

When is Musty's Garage Available?

Musty's Garage will be available between December 2 and December 8, so a full week. Thus, if you're a fan of amustycow, then you better get in quick and score yourself this bundle before the end of the week. If not, then you best stop reading to be honest... why are you even here? Anyway, Musty's Garage is pretty swell, and we're off to play some more Rocket League. Cheerio!