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That's right, Rocket League is at the Olympics!

Intel World Open Brings Rocket League to the Olympics: Schedule & Results

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Rocket League is so awesome that it's even made it to the Olympics! | © Psyonix & Intel

The Intel World Open is bringing Rocket League to the Olympics, and the finals are just about here. We have the latest information for you right here. What is the Rocket League Intel World Open Schedule, and who do we expect to win? We even have some Rocket League Intel World Open Results!

Wow, it's getting to the point that we can't even imagine a world without Rocket League – the bloody game is at the freaking Olympics! Wild! The Intel World Open competition is the first time that Rocket League – or video games at all – have been featured at the Olympics. It's pretty crazy! We have the Rocket League Intel World Open schedule and results...

If you want in-depth information about the way that the Intel World Open is organized, then check out our original deep-dive. Also, catch up on the RLCS X!

What is the Rocket League Intel World Open?

Rocket League is going to the Olympics with the Intel World Open, a championship backed by the ESL, Intel, Visa, and International Olympic Committee. The competition celebrates multiple teams, across four regions – Americas, Europe (including Middle Eastern and African regions – EMEA), Mainland Asia, and Asia Maritime & Oceania (including Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand).

All teams had to qualify to play in this week's Regional Finals – which have run from July 11 to 14. What is most exciting about the Intel World Open is that it is the first time that a video game esport has received endorsement and support from the IOC. This basically cements that video games are becoming recognized legitimate competitive sports. It's crazy, fantastic, and a real turning point for the industry.

What is the Rocket League Intel World Open Schedule?

The European Rocket League Intel World Open Grand Finals will be occurring at 1:15PM CEST, and the North American finals will be occurring at 7:15PM CEST, on Wednesday, July 14! That's right, it's all already underway, and is insanely exciting! These last few games will determine the European and North American champions for the Rocket League Intel World Open in 2021, and more-or-less, the world champions in Rocket League Esports.

Who Could Likely Win the Rocket League Intel World Open Finals?

In North America, there are some pretty insane players in the lineup. Garrett "GarrettG" Gordon is the most notable player here, having won tons of RLCS Seasons for Team NRG. What makes the competition interesting, however, is that Canadian player Mariano "SquishyMuffinz" Arruda will be playing against GarrettG, attempting to take the Rocket League NA Intel World Open championship for the Canadian team.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the entirety of Team Vitality will be competing, which looks to be pretty steep competition for the Norwegians who have also enlisted a pretty talented team for the competition. It is uncertain who will be taking home the cup this afternoon, but when we find out, we will update this article with all the new information – so stay tuned!

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