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Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate... Wait, this is Rocket League...

How To Get An Extermination In Rocket League

Rocket League
rocket league extermination
How do you get a Rocket League extermination? Isn't it just a demolition? Nope! | © Psyonix

Rocket League Exterminations are insanely fun, and a great way to take on your opponent. What is a Rocket League Extermination, and how does it relate to Demolitions? Here's how to get an extermination in Rocket League!

Everybody loves a good demolition: When one player hits another at supersonic speed, causing a fantastically impressive explosion. Well, not everyone – if you're gettin' whacked, you're gonna wanna whack back! It's pretty simple, right? It doesn't take much to get a demolition, does it? What about a Rocket League extermination, though? What is it, and how do you get a Rocket League extermination?

Holy-moley. Aren't Rocket League exterminations just neat? Well, let's show you a few more cool Rocket League... things.

What is a Rocket League Extermination?

A Rocket League Extermination is when a player gets seven Demolitions in a single match. It's pretty awesome for a pretty obvious reason: it requires you to destroy seven other player's cars. It requires a lot of explosions, and it requires a lot of fun. A Rocket League Extermination is the ultimate mark of dominance. Sure, you might not have scored any goals. Sure, you might not have achieved anything in life. Sure, you might have nothing to give to the world. All these things might be true: but if you get a Rocket League extermination, you are the alpha.

How to Get a Rocket League Extermination

To get a Rocket League Extermination, you need to get seven Demolitions, each achieved by hitting another player at supersonic speed. Whilst demolitions do not provide scoreboard points, seven demolitions and the associated Rocket League Extermination, provides twenty points. In addition, demolitions are generally useful as a tactical move, to temporarily remove your opponent from the match (they will respawn in a few seconds), and open your way to scoring a goal.

What is certainly not a great thing about Demolitions and Rocket League Exterminations, is that they create a pretty toxic environment for players. Rocket League Exterminations, when players repeatedly destroy their opponents, are an effective way to troll opposing players, and achieve victory in an insanely toxic and annoying way. In other words: it may seem cool, it may look freaking awesome, but it's not cool, dude. Not cool. Eat a pizza instead...

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