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Every Rocket League DLC is available everywhere!

Rocket League DLC Goes Cross-Platform: Get Your DLC Everywhere!

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Rocket League's DLC is now fully cross-platform, but what are the details? Has anything been left out? (Credit: Psyonix)

Psyonix has made all Premium Rocket League DLC cross-platform, and we are finally able to enjoy our favorite Rocket League cars of the past. How does the cross-platform DLC work? What is included in the cross-platform downloadable content, and how do you access your premium Rocket League DLC packs cross-platform?

Rocket League's Premium DLC items are now available cross-platform, as of May 24. Are you excited? We certainly are! It's time to jump back into that DeLorean, it's time to check out some Fast & Furious cars, it's time find out everything there is to know about this Rocket League Cross-Platform DLC announcement! Here's everything that you need to know...

Before we dive in, here's the latest Rocket League news!

How Does the Rocket League Cross-Platform DLC Work?

All DLC Rocket League items that were purchased before the game went free-to-play is now cross-platform. That means that players who owned pre-F2P DLC on PC, will now be able to access that content not only on PC, but on their PlayStation or Xbox versions of the game as well.

Whether you’re aiming for 88-mph goals with the DeLorean Time Machine from Back To The Future, or it’s all about family and the Fast & Furious cars, players on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox will be able to use Premium DLC Packs that were purchased prior to the launch of Free To Play across platforms.

Keep in mind that the Nintendo Switch does not yet fully support cross-platform Rocket League DLC, but we will go into detail about that later. We are pretty hyped about this, though. There are tons of fantastic DLC items that, until now, have been platform-restricted. Now? Well, now Rocket League has finally become the platform it always should have been...

How Do I Access Rocket League Cross-Platform DLC?

  • Link your different platform-specific accounts to your Epic Games account.
  • Log into the platform where you have licensed DLC.
  • Upon login, PsyNet should link the DLC in your platform account to your Epic Games account.
  • Now that your accounts are linked, and your Epic Games account knows about your licensed DLC, your Rocket League DLC will become cross-platform.

What Is Excluded from Rocket League Cross-Platform DLC?

  • Platform-Exclusive Items such as Nintendo characters on Switch, Sweet Tooth, Hogsticker, etc.
  • Ultimate Edition On-Disc DLC: Batman/DC Superheroes Pack

Nintendo Switch Players are able to access Premium Cross-Platform Rocket League DLC from other platforms, but the items owned on Switch will not be able to be used cross-platform.

Are you hyped by the idea of getting all of your Rocket League DLC Cross-Platform? We certainly are, and we can assure you that we will continue to update you as we get more in-depth details about how this works, exactly what is included and excluded, and how to get specific items. In the meantime, though... jump into Rocket League, have some fun, and eat a pizza.


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