How to Fix Rocket League Stuck Camera Glitch

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rocket league camera stuck glitch bug
Oh no! My camera is stuck in Rocket League! Help me! (Credit: Psyonix)

Many players are experiencing the stuck camera glitch in Rocket League, and we're coming to the rescue! The Rocket League camera bug continues to harass players, resulting in countless lost matches, where players have been unable to control their car properly due to the stuck camera glitch. How do you fix the Rocket League stuck camera bug? Let's dive in!

Rocket League is not a game that experiences glitches too often. It's an older game, with plenty of patches that have come around to fix a problem here, a problem there, a problem anywhere. That doesn't mean that the game is perfect, though, and players are finding this out the hard way! This is how to fix the Rocket League stuck camera bug...

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What is the Rocket League Stuck Camera Glitch?

The Rocket League stuck camera glitch causes player's camera to become stuck at a particular location in the Rocket League arena, unable to see their vehicle. The camera bug seems to have you stuck and not moving, but as the below video demonstrates, your car is moving, and the controls are working... the camera's just stuck. This is (obviously) a huge pain in the proverbial, because you probably want to see your car (right?), and this makes the match unplayable.

How To Fix Rocket League Stuck Camera Bug

  • Avoid pressing any buttons on your keyboard / gamepad until the countdown has ended.
  • Reset all game settings to default, restart, and then put everything back as you like it.
  • Make sure that deadzone is set to default, this can sometimes be the problem.
  • Make sure your game is fully updated, and that the latest patch has been installed.

There is no definitive fix available yet for the Rocket League stuck camera glitch, but we are sure that Psyonix will get onto it as soon as possible, considering the amount of players who are currently experiencing the issue. We will keep you posted, and update this article accordingly, but remember: always try turning it off and on again!

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