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Guild Beats Aether and shoots to RLCS X Championships

Guild Esports Beats Aether to Win RLCS EU Spring Regional Grand Final

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rocket league guild esports win rlcs x
Guild Esports are going to the RLCS X Championships! (Credit: Psyonix)

David Beckham's Guild Esports Rocket League team has taken first place in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) European Spring Regional, beating Team Aether. We take a look at the win, and what this means for Guild Esports and the RLCS X Championship.

Guild Esports was founded by football legend David Beckham in June of 2020. The three-person team, David "Deevo" Morrow, Thomas "ThO" Binkhorst, and Joseph "Noly" Kidd, managed to beat Team Aether to take home the RLCS X European Spring Regional Grand Final. The win will earn them $30,000 USD.

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With Deevo having only signed to Guild in November 2020, and the organization less than a year old, the win is an outstanding success for the team. Especially against heavy-weight Team Aether, who also performed remarkably well in RLCS X's European Regionals.

Catapulting them to first place in the Rocket League Championship Series EU Spring Regional, the Grand Final win not only cements Guild Esports' position as 4th in Europe, but their participation in the RLCS X European Championships

For a team that is still less than a year old, the RLCS X Championships will not only be a celebration of Guild Esports' first anniversary, but a milestone competitive achievement for the team. The European Championship will run between June 16 and 20, and has a $400,000 prize pool.

Guild Esports also achieved victory in the Fortnite Champion Series European Grand Finals back in March. The Rocket League victory is the first win for the new team to take in a Rocket League Grand Final, and the second trophy to take home since their formation in June 2020. Pretty impressive!

rlcs x guild esports david beckham
David Beckham's Guild Esports will celebrate their first anniversary with the RLCS X Championships. (Credit: David Beckham / Guild Esports via Esports Insider)

Speaking of Guild Esports' first Rocket League Championship victory, Guild Esports Executive Chairman Carleton Curtis said the following:

This latest result has confirmed our Rocket League team to be one of the best in Europe and a true EU championship title contender

Well, it certainly seems that Guild Esports is heading rapidly towards becoming one of the biggest Esports organizations, with some of the most successful and skilled teams in the world. Good game, boys, good game.


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