Win A Ton Of Rewards For Free With Golden Gift 21 In Rocket League

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What is Golden Gift 21? What are the potential rewards? And is it worth your time?
Rocket League Golden Gift
You can win items from the Zephyr series in Golden Gift 21, just like those pictured above! | © Psyonix

Do you love Rocket League? Are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Then you'll be pleased to hear you can win big this Christmas, because Golden Gift is back for another year! You'll have to be lucky if you want the best items. Anyway, that's enough nattering from us, let's get into Golden Gift 21!

What is Golden Gift 21?

Golden Gift is a challenge that Psyonix set their players every Christmas. Complete the Rocket League challenge, and you win rewards for free. Simple, wholesome, festive fun.

And if the rewards are really good, then who knows, maybe they'll send you all the way to the top...

What Are The Rewards in this Year's Golden Gift Event?

The Challenge for Golden Gifts can be completed five times and the gifts will unlock randomly determined items from the Zephyr, Elevation, and Vindicator Item Series.

Each series contains the following items in these quantities:

  • 4 Rare Decals
  • 1 Very Rare Trail
  • 1 Very Rare Wheels
  • 1 Very Rare Player Banner
  • 1 Very Rare Decal
  • 1 Import Body
  • 1 Import Rocket Boost
  • 2 Exotic Wheels
  • 2 Black Market Decals
  • 2 Black Market Goal Explosion

So there's a bit of everything, but whether you like the aesthetic of the Zephyr, Elevation, or Vindicator series, will decide if this year's Golden Gift is worth it for you.

How Do You Complete The Challenges?

We've saved the best until last: all you need to do to complete the Golden Gift challenge this year is play 20 online games. The challenge can be completed five times, so in total, you need to play 100 online games to get everything you can from the Golden Gift. Easy!

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