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It's time to fix Error ce-34878-0...

How to Fix Rocket League Error ce-34878-0

Rocket League
rocket league error ce-34878-0
Let's get on with things and fix Rocket League Error ce-34878-0... | © Psyonix

Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 is an insanely common error code on PlayStation 4. Luckily, since it's so common, there are a tried and tested methods for fixing Rocket League Error ce-34878-0. Thus, let's get on with it.

It's time to fix a bug in Rocket League. It's time to fix it in style, to fix it with finesse, it's time to fix it in the same way I would fix the kitchen sink: an online article. Actually, I wouldn't suggest doing that, hire a plumber. What I do suggest, however, is to try some of these Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 fixes...

Let's be real, there's a lot to fix in Rocket League. Now that we've (hopefully) fixed Rocket League Error ce-34878-0, check out some of our other fixes to help you enjoy Rocket League to the umpteenth degree...

What is Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0?

Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0 is an error caused by corrupted data on the PS4, and causes the game to crash. The error code often comes hand in hand with ce-36329-3 and can also be caused by various different kinds of system software problems. Let's be real, though, do you really care what causes the error? No, not really, right? What's far more interesting is the idea of a fix! Thus, without further-ado, let's get on with that...


How to Fix Rocket League Error Code ce-34878-0

  • Perform a hard reboot, so turn your PS4 console and controller completely off, then turn it on again. Make sure you have not just put the console to sleep, as it needs to be completely shut down.
  • Make sure that the game is fully updated. You can check this in the PS4 settings.
  • Re-install Rocket League from scratch, so completely delete it from the Hard Disk Drive, and re-download it with all the updates.
  • Update the PlayStation 4 System Software via the System Settings (reboot the console afterwards).
  • Try initializing your PS4, but be aware that initializing will delete all the data on your PlayStation. Thus, make sure to back up all of your data (save files, screenshots, etc.).
  • Contact Sony Support via this link.

Well, there you go. We hope that we helped you fix Rocket League Error Code e-34878-0 and that you're now playin' Rocket League and having a bloody brilliant time. Yeah? You're enjoying it? No? Bugger, we're sorry. We hope that we helped, but if we didn't, remember to contact Sony Support, and as always, remember to eat a pizza.

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