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Well, The Peeps are FaZe Rocket League now! Apparently...

FaZe Clan Enters Rocket League After Signing The Peeps

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It seems that FaZe Clan is now doing Rocket League, after their latest acquisition! (Credit: FaZe Clan / The Peeps)

FaZe Clan has finally entered Rocket League, after acquiring the North American team The Peeps. The announcement was brash and bold, showing off FaZe Clan at their very best, introducing an exciting new game to their now 9-game eSports roster.

Well, holy moly, that was one hell of a crowd-pleaser! An interruption of the Verizon 5G Ultra Cup Rocket League Competition, the announcement was a fabulous introduction for The Peeps, who were just about to enter a match against Version1. What an epic surprise!


Are The Peeps in FaZe Clan?

The Peeps are up to represent FaZe Clan in future Rocket League eSports tournaments, which is pretty nuts if you think about it! FaZe now have their foot in the door of nine f**king eSports games. That's as many games as Taylor Swift has albums... Take it as a compliment, if you want, but don't forget to be shocked.

The decision follows a bloody effective social media campaign, which saw #PickUpThePeeps trending so much that FaZe Clan jumped on them as soon as they possibly could. We are not complaining, either, The Peeps have been consistently topping Rocket League rosters for a while now. It is a perfect fit!

At the moment, the team is doing... fine. It has had a bit of a mixed-bag season, but has a ton of points and is still in the top six. FaZe's choice to enter the RLCS through this acquisition makes a lot of sense, since The Peeps have a massive fan-base already, and have performed unbelievably well in the past.

We’ve been talking to FaZe for probably like three weeks and for it to finally happen actually is just insane...

The above quote was from Gyro, a current member of The Peeps, who expressed a whole lot of excitement about The Peeps being FaZe Clan's big new acquisition. We don't blame him for the excitement, it must feel just SO good right now!

faze clan logo
FaZe Clan is a big name in the eSports team, and this must be very exciting for The Peeps! (Credit: FaZe Clan)

Meanwhile, FaZe Clan must be pretty excited to jump into Rocket League. Who wouldn't be? It's one of the best eSports scenes in the industry and a fantastic game. Please, oh please, let Season 3 be awesome, and let this acquisition be fruitful.


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