New Cyclone Bundle Comes to Rocket League Item Shop: All Items, Hitboxes, & Details

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Psyonix have brought a brand new Cyclone Bundle to the Rocket League Item Shop. What's in it, when's it available, what's its hitbox, and how much does it cost?
rocket league cyclone bundle
The brand new Cyclone Bundle is pretty impressive! | © Psyonix

There are a lot of fantastic bundles in Rocket League at the moment, and you can check them all out on our Rocket League Item Shop article, which lists everything you need to know about the Item Shop day-in and day-out. Right now, though, there is something on there to be truly excited about: the brand-new Cyclone Bundle!

This bad-boy is packed with great content, some fantastic Rocket League Items (though nothing as great as those bad-ass Ford Mustang Bundles), a great Car Body, and some real style. Seriously, this is one of those rare examples of a Bundle that's actually worth the price of entry. Why? Well, because it's dirt cheap, and sexier than Scarlett Johansson!

You'll find that the Cyclone Bundle will certainly catch your eye, and you can take a look at it by heading to the "Bundles" section of the Item Shop. The limited time Playing With Fire Bundle is also available for purchase at the moment, and as a Christmas treat, there are some pretty hefty discounts at the moment too! Here is everything that you need to know...

What's in the Cyclone Bundle?

Item NameItem Type

Import Body

LeviathanImport Animated Decal

Very Rare Wheels

Fractal FireImport Rocket Boost
Circuit BoardVery Rare Player Banner
rl cyclone bundle
Check out what's in the Rocket League Cyclone Bundle! | © Psyonix

How Much Does the Cyclone Bundle Cost?

The Cyclone Bundle costs 500 RL Credits in the Rocket League Item Shop. This equates to the equivalent of about $5 USD, as for every 100 credits you pay about $1 USD. Thus, for the price of a coffee you can pick up the sleek as fork Cyclone Body, a rippin' decal, some pretty sweet wheels, and an insanely cool Rocket Boost. There's also a Player Banner, but let's be real, does anyone actually give a flip about Player Banners? In the end, though, the Cyclone Bundle is actually a pretty good deal. That's very unusual, considering the prices that we've become accustomed to in Rocket League!

When is the Cyclone Bundle Available?

The Cyclone Bundle is available indefinitely, as there is no set end-date for its inclusion in the Rocket League Item Shop. That's not to say that it won't run away at some point, but seeing as it has been placed in the Bundles section and has no listed end-date, we can expect that the Cyclone Bundle is here to stay. We are certainly not complaining, as this is a very high quality and good-value bundle that you should definitely check out if you like the Cyclone Car Body. Let's be real, though, who doesn't?

What is the Cyclone's Hitbox?

The Cyclone features a Breakout Hitbox, affording it one of the narrowest hitboxes in the game, and the smallest width of any Rocket League Battle Car. This means that skilled players will have much more precision when playing the Cyclone than they would have had with, perhaps, something like the Octane or the Dominus. We recommend trying it out, to be honest, especially since the Cyclone is so cheap and... just... so... sexy.