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Rocket League: Season 14 Is Over. Now What?

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Rocket League Season 14

Off Season 14 is here! When is Season 15 coming? What's there to do now? (Image credit: Psyonix)

The average Rocket League Season lasts three to four months and shortly after its end the game usually enters the next competitive round. Season 14 has now come to an end, Ranked Play is temporarily switched off and we are now in the off-season. But how long do we have to wait for Season 15? What can we look forward to and what is there to do in the meantime?

Psyonix actually never lets us wait long. We can't get any exact dates for the seasons, but we never had to accept a longer break from Ranked Play. As soon as a Season ends, you get your rewards depending on your rank - and only a short time later we are already back on the hunt for the coolest plays and the Grand Champion. "The Circle of Life" of Rocket League.

Everything Has an End, Except the Rocket League

The championship is over, and the pros are in their well-deserved off-season. Our ranks for Season 14 have been decided and there is nothing we can do about it. We were expecting the off-season at the end of July and we hit the bull's eye. Now we can still play ranked, but that doesn't change the rewards we'll get for Season 14, we can only improve our MMR for the upcoming season.

Psyonix is planning a major update that will include a revision of the ranking system for Grand Champions and will certainly have a lot to do with the free-to-play buzz of Rocket League. This also means something else though - it will take a while until Season 15.

Psyonix announced an extension of off-season 14 in order to get enough time for the update. At this point in time, we expect about one month to go by.

A Month for What?

What you start with this month depends on you, of course. Take some time off and recharge your batteries for Season 15, continue to play and push your MMR or do it like the Grand Champion of our editorial staff:

I mostly use the off-season to dedicate myself to a new mechanics. In Ranked Play you rarely get to really develop mechanically or test things. It's just too risky. So if you want to get better regardless of how you feel and understand the game, you should actually just train.

The EarlyGame Tip: You're never good enough in the air - unless you are Squishy Muffinz. And that's why he trains his air control a lot on workshop maps.

Video credit: YouTube - Squishy Muffinz

What you do with the off-season is ultimately up to you, but if you want to get really good in Rocket League, you have to train like in any other title. So, get to the controller or keyboard and show what you're made of. See you in the arena for Season 15!

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Rocket League the better FIFA.

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