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Rocket League Is Going to Be FREE to Play!


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Is Rocket League going to be free to play? Yes! Yes, it is! Psyonix’ Rocket League is going to be free to play some time this summer. That means Rocket League will be free to play on the Switch, the PS4, Xbox and PC - the game was already cross-platform, but now it will be free on every platform and include cross-platform progression for items, ranked mode and Rocket League Pass. This is possible as the game will only be available via the Epic store from the date it goes free to play.

Along with Rocket League going free to play, it will also add the golden cosmos boost, the faded cosmos boost and the dieci oro wheels! Furthermore, players will get the Huntress Banner as well, so… lots of goodies for Rocket League's f2p announcement. There is no exact date when Rocket League will be free, but since the summer is almost over, it should be sooner than later.

Are you looking forward to your dieci-oro wheels?

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