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Rocket League Free to Play Update: Likely Release Date, PS Plus & Nintendo Switch Online Not Needed


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The Rocket League Free to Play Update is coming around mid-September! This was confirmed by Psyonix now. Also, they have confirmed that, once Rocket League goes free to play, you will no longer need PS Plus or Nintendo Switch Online to play it online. The game will be entirely free - free to download and free to play online. However, on Xbox, Rocket League will still require an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online play.

Psyonix hasn't given us a release date for Rocket League yet, but they have released a blog statement in which they confirmed that an update will come in mid-September and that Rocket League will be f2p shortly after. The update will bring some changes to competitive seasons, tournaments and the Rocket Pass. Also, with the update, Season 1 will be introduced and new players will get a helping hand to find their way into the game.

We're hyped for Rocket League's f2p release date and will update you as soon as we know more.

If you missed it - the announcement that Rocket League would go free to play was made a while back - in July - to the delight of many. Thus far, Rocket League cost money, but still went from a small indie game to a worldwide phenomenon. Now, with this free to play update, even more players will get to enjoy the marvel that is Rocket League. This game just keeps on growing, and we couldn't be happier for Psyonix and what they accomplished.

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