It's, get this, made out of Argentinian players

River Plate Start CS:GO Project

River Plate CS:GO roster

River Plate are embracing esports at 100m/h. (Image credit: River Plate)

One of the most popular football clubs in the world – Argentinian giants River Plate, have entered the professional CS:GO scene. Naturally, their roster is comprised of Argentinian talent, and will try to make a name for River in the virtual world.

River Plate Esports Make the Jump into CS:GO

To be fair, River Plate already have some esports clout. The football club created its esports division way back in 2016. While initial focus was of course placed on FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, River showed commitment to the project by extending into League of Legends last year.

This year sees them make another move on the esports scene by entering CS:GO. Reportedly, River have been working towards that end for the better part of 2020 but the pieces started falling together just recently.

The all-Argentinian roster of River Plate looks like this:

  • Ariel "⁠arieldidi⁠" Ramirez
  • Thomas "⁠christopher⁠" Navales
  • Guido "⁠guidimon⁠" Romano
  • Ezequiel "⁠KUN⁠" Palmero
  • Mariano "⁠MRN1⁠" Santa María
  • Hugo "⁠rew4z⁠" Cáceres – Coach

Unless an unforeseen miracle occurs, it is unlikely that River Plate will make any noise on the international scene yet it’s always nice to see some outside investment, especially with Valorant knocking on CS:GO’s door.

It is also curious to see if the football club will further dwell into esports. LoL, CS:GO, why not Dota 2 next?

Last, but not least, what are you waiting for, Boca Juniors? Take the rivalry to the server. We’re going to love it.

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Kiril Stoilov

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