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Riot Reveal What’s Coming With Valorant’s Act III

Valorant Icebox map Act III changes

Image credit: Riot Games

In their latest blog post, Riot Games have revealed everything coming with Act III of Valorant. Expect a new map and much more!

We’re all very excited about the release of Act III in Valorant which is coming out on October 13. We already made a prediction of what’s coming with Act III and yesterday, Riot Games revealed exactly what’s coming with the next big update.

Our prediction about Act III included a new agent, a new map, ranked changes, a new battle pass, and more. We were mostly correct as Riot officially confirmed what’s coming in their latest blog post.

A New Valorant Map: Icebox

Many fans were already speculating that Valorant is missing a winter-themed map and it was about time Riot added one. It seems that wish is coming true with the introduction of the Icebox.

Video credit: Valorant via YouTube

The Icebox will be released on October 13 with the new patch. Something we can’t say for all the planned content.

A New agent: Skye – Delayed

The latest playable character in Valorant will come at a later time. According to Riot it’ll take two extra weeks before the official release of the next agent. This means we can expect it around October 27. A whole lot of information was leaked regarding the new agent. Her name is Skye and she seems to utilize a bird, a wolf, and healing. Her ultimate tracks nearby enemies and applies nearsighted.

Valorant agent Skye Act III

Image credit: Riot Games

She sure resembles an agent concept we saw not too long ago. Perhaps Riot considered it and found a way to include it?

Singularity Weapon Skins

A new bundle of skins will be available for Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee with Singularity.

Singularity bundle skins Valorant Act III

The new Singularity bundle is on the left. (Image credit: Riot Games)

Competitive Refresh

Riot are adding more changes to the competitive aspect of Valorant with Act III:

  • Upgrade that Act Rank Badge with the next Competitive Act
  • Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for tighter matchmaking
  • Select your preferred server and improve your ping
  • Immortal+ rank outcomes are decided 100% by wins and losses

Act III Battle Pass

As it was expected, a brand-new Battle Pass will also arrive with the release of Act III:

The Battlepass returns with improvements for Act III—revamped weekly mission progress for faster unlocks and additional Epilogue tiers.

Collect heads, rake in the XP, then snap on Act III exclusives like the “Chilly McFreeze” Gun Buddy to match your arctic battles, the “Radianite Hazard” Player Card, and the Viper Spray that reminds you to wash your hands.

Purchase the Act III Premium Battlepass to unlock more tiers of VALORANT items like the Ruin Vandal, “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky (with variants!).

We’re almost certain we’ll also be seeing some balance changes make their way with the new patch. What they’ll exactly be remains unclear. Maybe we’d be wrong as the new agent will be released on October 27 and that’s when the game’s meta will be shifted.

What do you think about the changes in Act III? Are you happy about the new map? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

Stay tuned for more Valorant news and check EarlyGame or the EarlyGame Youtube channel for everything gaming and esports.

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